What dream cheeks in the dream

Which means in my sleep cheek?

sleep cheek

Had cheeks, dream interpretation

Spring dream interpretation

If you had cheeks, it could symbolize trouble, but only if they are faded. Thin cheeks can appear in dreams as a warning about illness or financial difficulties. Fat cheeks and a fresh healthy face – to prosperity.

Summer dream

A dreamer who constantly thinks about work, can see the fat cheeks that speak of the imminent promotion. Lean cheeks and can only dream of in case of reduction.

Autumn dream interpretation

In this dream full cheeks symbolize image, but lean to dream – to misunderstanding.

Esoteric dream book

With the cheek can be related to some action in a dream, that talking about troubles and difficult relationships with others. If you dream you slapped in the face, then in reality someone tries to hurt you. When you are slapped in the face, it speaks of the humiliation of another person, the image of his pride.

Idiomatic dream book

A dream in which the cheek as if swollen, speaks about the importance of events, busy time. If you see red cheeks – improve the condition.

Small dream book of Veles

Full cheeks can dream to success, a favorable outcome of circumstances and wealth. But pink cheeks pre-warned about all sorts of trouble, dust about the break in started. It is not strange, but pale cheeks should not be afraid of sleeping, because this indicates a good health status.


Rosy cheeks can dream to a person who may be in an unpleasant situation disadvantageous position. Pale cheeks include improving General condition of man, as well as his personal life.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova E.

In this dream pale cheeks symbolize good health, and light pink provide of trouble.

Gypsy dream book

This interpreter of dreams portends wealth and incredible good luck to the man, who had thick ruddy cheeks. The dreamer will be able to defeat their rivals. The dimples on his pale cheeks and can speak to the sleeping person, only that in real life he is expected bitterness and disappointment.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Red cheeks to the dreamer mean condemnation from the relatives, a shameful act in reality. If the cheeks are moles, it’s a love adventure. Pale cheeks symbolize health.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

This interpreter said that the painted cheek – to unpleasant shameful situation, and rosy – good luck. Scratched cheeks portend great sadness.

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