Dream interpretation: the chandelier on the ceiling, what does that mean?

Want to ask our dream interpretation that means the chandelier that you dream recently? We are always happy to help in the interpretation of the dream images.

dream chandelier

Dream interpretation: the chandelier on the ceiling, what dream?

Dream Interpretation Filomena

The chandelier is a symbol of the light close to the success and joy from the things out. It is also a sign of intuition and sudden inspiration.

If you dream you had an ornate chandelier on charming ceiling, then you will find a holiday atmosphere.

If the chandelier is a vision of the broken, all your plans smashed to smithereens, like a torch in a dream. Crystal chandelier portends a crowded event in which you participate.

If you had a falling chandelier, then get ready for a number of small problems and troubles. But do not despair, but feel free to deal with the burden of a busy schedule, because the only way you will be able to rebuild their lives.

Faded in dream chandelier symbolizes illness and delay in cases. Dream interpretation interprets that the chandelier that you choose carefully in the dream is a symbol of your indecision in life. Try to add more courage to select something in life.

Wash the chandelier – a symbol of success in business and prosperity in the family. If chandeliers in the dream it was a lot, you will have the opportunity to have fun at someone else’s holiday, which you will shortly be invited.

Love dream interpretation

The lights in the chandelier – your troubles will be left behind and things will go uphill.

Oriental dream book

If a patient had a chandelier, it is waiting for the imminent deliverance from disease, and the patient life-threatening illness and the dream did predicts a miracle, the patient suddenly goes on the amendment.

Chandelier in the dream crashed – the destruction of all your ideas, light kindled in the lamp of romance and promises of improvement. But extinct the light portends troubles and disease. Buy chandeliers – to hard work.

Dream Interpretation Azar

In this dream chandelier is a symbol of celebration.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Burning chandelier in a beautiful design – your family will be all right, smashed or cracked, and went out again at the same time – family problems and stagnation in creativity.

Online dream book

Had a chandelier foretells a fortune, which soon will significantly change your life. Buy chandelier – work will not bring you joy. Broken chandelier – your business will not be able to complete.

If you turned on the chandelier and it shines, you will find a new love and life improve, but if she remained without electricity – will have to overcome difficulties in the implementation of their plans.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Dream interpretation believes that if the chandelier is mounted on the ceiling in a dream, it is a sign of an unexpected monetary gain, however, the chandelier in the dream must be new. If you missed with the chandelier, you will have a period of severe depression.

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