Head in a dream – what is it

Duty head in the book of dreams Meridian a dream on the eve of important events in life. Man will have to make strategic decisions to avoid fatal twists of fate. Clean hair in a dream symbolize success in daily activities, possible career advancement and personal growth. This dream comes on the eve of success and accomplishment that will be appreciated by other people.

head sleep

If the head dream about head…

Idiomatic dream book in its own way interprets the vision head. Following it, it can be argued that such a dream may indicate a «loss of head» – a strong feeling of love, emotional outburst. In some cases, this organ of the human body dream at the stage of formation of the person, the time of enlightenment and pure reason.

Sometimes a person can feel during sleep dizziness, which indicates a high self esteem personality. The man with the big head in the dream speaks of high intelligence and mental abilities. Head-pot symbolizes the skill and ingenuity.

At women’s dream appearance in the visions of someone’s head can talk about the possible important meetings with potential people who will help solve complex issues. But to see your body very well, maybe a quick disease. Two-headed creature or swollen head talking about the high probability of climbing the career ladder. Severe headache in a dream foretells unpleasant chores and caring for the home.

Wash the head in a dream means to objectively make the right and informed decisions in real life. The image of the head of the animal may indicate the incorrectness of the decisions taken in relation to close people and friends. The severed and bloodied on the evidence of many annoyances and failures in the future.

Russian folk interpretation to the question of what dreaming head, the answer is simple – it is a symbol of a strong mind and high social status.

But the writer Aesop explains in more detail the meaning of dreams with the presence of the head. He believes that the main human body may be differently present in dreams. In the interpretation you should consider the nature of vision and the image on it.

If you see a man in a dream who is trying to break through head of the door, then you should beware of rash acts. The irrationality of the decisions can have a big impact even in the distant future. To see the struggle of a human head with a wall means standing on the threshold of major conflicts and battles. In this case, you need to collect a lot of strength to survive all processing destiny and prove to others your point of view.

Often head in the dream is supplemented by way of the cauldron. You can see the person who complains about the malfunction of the boiler. This dream hints at the problem with working cases, the accusations by the management. Dreams with the image of a man who goes over the heads of a large crowd – a sign of his own envy that has no real basis.

Ukrainian dream book explains what may be a dream living head. Such dreams portend prosperity and honor. Gray hair attest to the sadness of the person. A short haircut says about the well-being and success. The man will face the death of their parents, if his dream had his own severed head. Cut off the head in a dream means to buy something important in the near future.

Head in spring dream is the forerunner of the Affairs and concerns.

Dream interpretation Stranger interpretation of the head in the dream as a symbol of power and worship. This image could symbolize a high-ranking officials, chiefs and leadership. Massive head dream to wealth and success. To see yourself in a dream without a head – so soon get rid of the disease, to acquire real happiness. Miniature on talking about negative phenomena in human life.

In the Big dream book appearance in the dream of a large head promises success in all endeavours. Bobbed hair on the head indicate a prior misfortune. Miniature head dream to poverty and curly – to joy. The process of cutting off the head dream on the eve of victory.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century, interprets the image of the head in the dream as a sign of the upcoming important meeting that radically can change a life. Own head in the dream, separated from the body, tells about treatment needs and health care. A large body indicates the wealth and well-being, and on poverty and hard work.

Long hair dream on the eve of significant expenses, losses, but short – to profit. Head turned back, talking about complexity and termination cases. Many goals may be a dream man in front of significant improvement. Duties of the head during sleep says about luck, and horse – about the failures and hostile relations. The headless man who comes towards you, symbolizes deep unhappiness in life.

In dream interpretation Hasse medium head large size means approaching the happy moments in life. To cut off somebody’s head means to acquire the victory. Bald head is evidence of the troubles and failures in life.

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