What a dream chair

As it turned out, the usual attribute of furniture in the house – a chair can mean different things. To find out what having a chair keep in mind in what form he had and the condition it’s in.

a sleeper chair

What a dream chair

Summer dream

To see a chair in a dream – treat yourself to calm, relax, rejuvenate, otherwise they will not remain for new achievements.

Spring dream interpretation

Chair – your position is very unstable.

Women’s dream book

Chair dream to fulfill its obligations. This behavior can cause significant financial loss, so grasp the work, put things in order in Affairs, begin to fulfill the promise. A dream in which a loved person sits on a chair – wait for the sad news about it is the loss.

Children’s Tlumach

According to the children’s dream, the chair foreshadows the communion with a wise and experienced man, whose advice can be invaluable. To sit on a chair – your position in life is quite stable, is also a dream could Herald a loss of welfare. You’re too calm, your business running, should address the main issues and stop waiting for the solution without your participation. If you see someone sitting on it, wait for the guests will spend pleasant moments. Just a chair – to the news.

People’s dreams

To dream of a chair – there will be changes at work. The empty chair heralds the news of a longtime friend, is busy with some special – wait for the intruder. Sit yourself – promotion of career.

The interpreter of the XXI century

The chair in the dream, calls for the implementation of its obligations. Sitting on broken chair – your careless action or inaction will be the cause of the victory of your enemies. Sit on a sturdy stool – you are surrounded by a loving family, a broken stool, scandals, quarrels with family, buy a chair in the store – your loved ones treat you with great respect. To sell stool or a chair – take seriously their family responsibilities, the possible disorder.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

A flipped chair means problems at work, loss of job. Sit on a sturdy chair to strengthen his position, to find a good job, feel the full harmony.

The Dream Miller

A chair in a dream means problems in relationships, inability to solve problems. A lot of beautiful and durable chairs – starts time success, all your ideas will receive positive feedback. Your friend sitting on a chair motionless – prepare for his death, soon you will receive disappointing news.

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