What dream that you see a chain

Chain, seen in a dream – a good sign, a symbol of connection, unity and harmony. Often means the relationship between people and promises success in love, friendship. If in the dream the chain is broken, dirty or dull, the meaning of the dream is changing for the worse.

Sleep chain

What does it mean to see a chain in my sleep

The Dream Miller

The dream Miller, a chain of gold means the psychological state of the person. If you dream you are presented with a chain or you gave it is a sign of jealousy, doubts the sincerity and honesty of a loved one, but all experiences are futile and temporary. If in the dream the broken chain – wait for losses and bad news, illness. Buy chain – deception or failure to achieve the goal.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Received as a gift decoration means groundless lack of faith in other people’s feelings. To see someone a gold chain is excessively interested in other people’s relationships, to lose the gift will manifest disregard for others not to notice » trick.

Women’s dream book

What dreams chain? First of all, the chain tells about the rich spiritual world, seen on someone else – about betrayal, financial loss, trouble. Cross necklace – wedding pendant – family-people – loyalty. Chain of gold or silver love, loyalty, long-term pair – quick engagement.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

The dream book Tsvetkov’s dream about the Golden chain sign soon with good old acquaintances or friends, new pleasant acquaintances and many strong ties.

Dream books often consider what a dream gold necklace. Things of gold usually symbolizes betrayal and deception, so we need to treat friends, which predicted a chain. Found the decoration – making money; if it was found on the road – a change of residence or repair, past – lost a good opportunity. Tight chain, not the size of the danger; dull chain is empty, short-lived relationships that end quickly.

If you dream of a chain Tuesday – deception in love, Wednesday – things get confused, you will have to spend some time on problem solving, sleep Thursday means tiredness or a temporary cooling of the spouses.

A chain of silver – rationality in the relationship, the desire to get rich or have a nice conversation with an old friend, if silver chain holds a significant place in the dream, you can expect big profits. An ornament of copper, brass and other standard metals is a disappointment. For a woman to wear in the dream, a chain of base metals – will have to endure hardship in marriage, although the relationship in the pair will be warm. If the gold, which is made from chain, false – the probability to pick a fight with a friend over small things.

Chain door – to loss or theft, on your watch – punctuality, all plans will be realized in time, but the dreamer will have to hurry.

If the clasp breaks – wait for troubles from which not immediately get rid of. To hide a chain or keep in the hand to avoid competition, throw in the water watching you, provoke a scandal.

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