What prevents sleep Seagull?

The proud bird is considered a symbol of the seas and oceans, the Herald of freedom and wandering. The dream Seagull is interpreted differently depending on the situation and emotions of the dreamer related to a bird.

the dream Seagull

What does the dream mean Seagull?

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Seagull is a restless soul, doomed to eternal wandering.

Flying seagulls dream to realization of romantic desires and long plans. Birds appearing in a dream, the promise to the sleeping person receive interesting news from afar. For inmates to dream of a Seagull — for an early release.

Women’s dream book

Prividevshayasya dead birds warn of the imminent quarrel with the people or apart for a long time. A positive interpretation of the dream shows that the gull could be a precursor to the emergence of a new Beau, which may subsequently become her husband.

Cry, crying birds dreams to close the deadly danger that threatens the parents of the dreamer. Also the cries are predicting the imminent forced separation from family and friends.

Psychological Tlumach

Seagulls in a dream is a signal from the subconscious that it is time to act to achieve the desired goal. The vision of the birds ensures the sleeping man success in business, freedom of thought and absence of obstacles to the plan.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Observation of the soaring birds over clean, clear water signifies the presence of a strong feelings for the dreamer from his inner circle.

Killing in the dream the bird or watching her death — unfulfilled hopes, disappointments in people.

A modern dream book

To see gulls in the dream attacked the dreamer, a long, intractable disease. The flight of a bird over a trash heap portend slander and gossip directed at the sleeping man.

Interpretation Of Yuri Longo

The appearance of gulls in dreams always talking about the coming misfortune, the bird is considered a harbinger of misfortune, death, disease. You should keep your hands to yourself, tune in a positive way, stoically taking the blows of fate, to prevent the implementation of the projected.

Seagulls are predicting a possible danger to the dreamer and his entourage, coming from water and everything connected with it.

Dream Book Of Veles

If the sleeping person saw a flock of birds over the water, soon it will meet with your future companion (companion for life. Seagull carrying during the flight in quotes fish, warns of an unexpected inheritance. The bigger the fish, the more impressive its size.

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