What dream cemetery and the graves

To dream of a cemetery – not always a bad sign. How else to interpret such a dream of the world’s leading dream books, you will learn in this article. What dream cemetery?

What dreams cemetery

What dreams cemetery

Women’s dream book

The walk to the cemetery or Church yard marks the long struggle with poverty, perhaps for a long stay away from home and loved ones.

If during your adventure by cemetery spring weather – wait for a pleasant pastime in the company of friends.

Neat and beautiful cemetery in a dream – a harbinger of recovery of the person with whom you have already mentally said goodbye.

If a mother brings in her sleep fresh flowers on the grave of their children, all her family will live a very long time.


To sit on the bench at the grave is a good sign that soon you will charge is important, it will give you pleasure.

If a walk through the cemetery takes place in winter, you will be sad about leaving her husband or boyfriend. Sunny weather indicates, on the contrary, pleasant and hassle during packing and speedy return of loved ones back home.

Beautiful and comfortable resting place of the dead a dream as a sign of ingratitude of children. In old age you may not rely on their help.

Unrequited love and frustration – this is what dream high cemeteries and tombstones.

If a girl walks through a cemetery in a dream, soon will marry. But this step will not make her happy, and she will bitterly regret it.

If you dream you see the happy children, the reality you expect a change for the better.

The dug – up grave- a harbinger of serious disease or test, look in the empty tomb means a quick loss of a loved one.

If a widow sees her husband in the grave and talking to him, in her personal life everything will work out.

If before the wedding, the girl in the cemetery is taking part in the ceremony, her future husband may die as a result of the accident.

To dream of a cemetery that is abandoned, signifies useless worry, all things will turn out in the best way.

To see my name on one of the headstones is a bad sign. In reality you can get sick or lose a loved one.

The Dream Miller

Young widow on this dreams cemetery dream as a sign of imminent marriage.

Abandoned cemetery predicts long life but you’ll survive all the family, are forced to be under the care of strangers. Older people see this dream as a sign of imminent death.

If lovers in the dream walking among the graves, in the future they will not be able to be together.

Digging graves indicates the intrigues against you. If you guys are finished digging, the confrontation with the enemy will end your victory.

Dreamed of a fresh grave – you will worry about the bad thing close.

Islamic dream interpretation

Islamic dream interpretation indicates that the cemetery, the grave – signs of devotion to Allah, the symbol of the afterlife. Sometimes this dream is interpreted as a harbinger of imprisonment and disease.

Walk in places of human burial in a dream – the prediction of grief and loss.

To see yourself in a coffin – a sign of great achievements, many will follow your example.

English dream interpretation

Cemetery in a dream are a symbol of loss and bitter memories.

Well maintained cemetery expresses your readiness to move forward after all the troubles and trials; fragments of monuments and crosses, ruined graves symbolize all the qualities that you tried to hide yourself.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

To see his tomb – a sign of unusual twists of fate. At first it shocks you, but everything will turn out well; a walk among the graves of several means trouble that will undermine your faith in yourself.

You don’t know what to strive for, and confused – that’s what dreams cemetery and the graves, especially the abandoned cemetery.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Men walk among the graves in a dream – a symbol of his promiscuity.

If a woman comes to the cemetery in your dream, it means her sexual frustration, the desire of same-sex relationships.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

If you dig a grave, the reality can lose a close friend through their own fault; see yourself in the coffin will soon be able to quickly acquire wealth.

Empty tomb – a sign of good news from afar.

Tidy graveyard dream to hear from a man who was presumed dead.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

Dream interpretation of the diviner says that the abandoned cemetery – a sign of sorrow and suffering; if you could read the name on the headstone, soon will be true friends.

Well-kept cemetery – a symbol of long and joyful life; if you walk through the cemetery in the company of many people is a bad dream. May soon begin disaster and war.

Star dream interpretation

If had a cemetery, you are surrounded by spiritually poor people.

Magical dream interpretation

Be in the graveyard and to experience peace – a dream foretells a long life.

Old overgrown cemetery could mean the loss of loved ones. It will happen, most likely, under tragic circumstances.

Dream healer Akulina

A walk among the tombstones is an unexpected and pleasant purchase.

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