What dreams that eat caviar

Saw in a dream caviar and wonder how this dream can be interpreted? Most sources say is a favourable sign. But not all are so unanimous. Let us consider now the most interesting and caviar.

What dreams caviar

What dreams caviar


Behold in a dream of red caviar – the risk of becoming a victim of fraud. Black promises something unexpected. Squash heralds the receipt of a gift.

Spring dream interpretation

If you see the process of spawning – speedy recharge in your family. Caviar liquid – get ready for a nice gift. Pressed – possible contingencies.

Red caviar predicts deception. If you have been eating caviar in a dream – it talks about the possibility of infertility.

Esoteric dream book

In this dream caviar has a greater number of interpretations. If you are trying caviar – to triumph in anything. Black caviar informs about the imminent separation. If you saw fish spawning, get ready for pleasant events and pleasures.

If the caviar you are buying or have already bought – would bind yourself with promises, the implementation of which will take a lot of time and effort. Watching a shoal of fish at a time when they spawn – will be witness to a very personal scene.

Dream Meridian

Dream about caviar indicates the possible lies in relation to you. Take the eggs directly from fish – something’s coming that may be very surprised. Buying eggs is said about the heavy obligations. The process of buying caviar in a dream also may indicate a stable material prosperity.

For women dreams of caviar notify only good – quick long-awaited offensive pregnancy.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Dream book interprets the dream, which featured caviar, very optimistic. What dreams caviar: if you taste it rich, just contemplate – the chance to achieve financial well-being is very large.

If you dream you ate the caviar of vegetables – your financial position will be strengthened.

Just to see any eggs of reciprocity on the part of a loved one.

Autumn dream interpretation

This source is unambiguous. If you saw in a dream the caviar, eat it, or watching others eat – for a possible increase of the family.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Caviar, any fish you dream about pregnancy or getting unexpected nice gift. But eggplant – trouble, failure of plans, the failure of the important things or relationships.

Summer dream

According to this dream book, to dream of eggs on the festive table among other dishes – but in reality you are waiting for a lavish Banquet or an important event.

I was dreaming of a fish in the process of spawning soon wait for the guests with children.

Small dream book of Veles

Look at ROE – in your life there will be something amazing. But there is her to tears and regret.

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