What a caterpillar sees in the dream?

What have caterpillars? Caterpillar is not the most pleasant of creation even while awake. And what do the dreams in which they appear?

What dream of the caterpillar

What dream of the caterpillar

Small dream book of Veles

Saw a caterpillar – will be deceived, beware of false friends. Caught a caterpillar to a dysfunctional marriage. But if crushed – prepare for future success.

The Interpreter Of Sigmund Freud

The dream of the father of psychoanalysis States: a caterpillar in a dream indicates that in reality, you underestimated the person of the opposite sex. You will bitterly regret it, but to correct the situation will be impossible.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Look at the caterpillar in reality, you’re mixed up in unpleasant for you. You feel guilty before him and take the incident to heart.

If the caterpillar you have in hand, may soon get bored with the relationship, feelings which have long grown cold.

To dream of an insect on itself, unable to remove, will meet with hypocrites, low people. Try to avoid contact with them.

Crushed the caterpillar in the near future for you all goes well.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

In nature a caterpillar becomes a chrysalis and then a butterfly. In the dream, it also symbolizes transformation. Foretells difficulties on the road to success, but your goal will be achieved. Another possible interpretation – health problems. The woman that vision could Herald a pregnancy.

What have caterpillars in large numbers: for material damage in the large sizes, machinations of ill-wishers.

Summer dream

The insect slowly creeps in front of your eyes soon get to relax in nature.

The interpreter of the medium Hasse

I was dreaming of a caterpillar – unveil-liar. Found a whole nest of caterpillars – find good support and protection. Killed, crushed by the caterpillar who may harm themselves with their own actions, be cautious. If you see the insect directly into yourself, to go through a lot of worry and anxiety.

Spring interpreter

According to this dream book, the caterpillar informs them about the impending meeting with a man who would encroach on something that belongs to you.

French dream book

I see a lot of insects directly on itself – in reality, someone is jealous. Beware – these people can be trouble.

Observing a large number of the caterpillars warns of possible material losses.

Another interpretation: caterpillar in a dream foretells a love for the noble man.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To contemplate a significant quantity of caterpillars – financial loss, significant property damage. For women the caterpillar can talk about a possible pregnancy.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

This source interpreterpath dreams about these insects is positive. They include the possibility of intellectual or spiritual development. Very likely a case that will help restore life for the better.

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