What to see the cat in the dream?

Cat in a dream foretells the unpredictability of situations in reality, bad luck. Below the black bar does not come, need to get rid of the animal. This interpretation offers us the dream, Felomena, but it’s not the only one. Other dream books will tell you and describe all possible combinations of cats in my sleep.

what dream cat

What dream cat

Dream Interpretation Filomena

To clearly understand what a dream cat for you, you need to remember the details of the dream, they will give the answer to the question.

What color is the cat?

  • White. Reports about strange situations on the job. You may have to make a choice in favor of money or a clear conscience. If you are in a dream came the white cat, the dream symbolizes participation in situations with complex consequences.
  • Black. Talks about the enemy or evil, is present in you. Associated with deceitful, cunning woman. Do not participate in scams and questionable deals.
  • Ore. Prophetess unpleasant situations, failures, situations that require immediate solutions.
  • Grey. Symbolizes the fatigue life, moral exhaustion, the beginning of the depression. Perhaps the control you are deprived of a situation that happened in your life.
  • Tricolor. For women it is a sign of the opponent.
  • Black-and-white. Use caution when working with electrical appliances, roads, etc.
  • Mixed – messenger of trouble, and striped – unexpected luck or acquaintance with an amazing person.
  • Dove – a symbol of a strong energy psychic abilities. Most likely, it makes sense to evolve in this direction.

The deciphering of the details of the dream, Filomeno

If you had fleas in cats, dream interpretation interprets this as the beginning of disagreements, quarrels with friends. Jump on the coat fleas – you don’t know how to efficiently allocate your time and effort.

Had three cats – beware of the envious.

A wounded animal – someone needs your help.

What a dream cat, who is dying? She warns that you will be able to solve all problems in one fell swoop. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to your pet.

To see a bloody cat, a symbol of the rebellious personality who is not accustomed to obey even the boss.

Beat in the dream a cat – in reality, you will learn about the betrayal of the beloved person, and to strangle her means to get out from under the unpleasant effects. To drown a cat to see the opponent in the face.

Dream Meridian

Dead cat in a dream in the dream interpretation of the Meridian are treated differently: if in the dream died the pupil of a loved one, it is necessary to break off relations. If you keep an animal on hand, and your other half it gets – this man has long wanted to break with you, but can not say. A dead cat placed in a box, you’re going to discredit.

A pregnant cat dream book treats as gossip and conspiracies around you, then reconsider your circle of contacts. If you have a cat, she might become pregnant. If animals in the house is likely to soon be a pet. For women, the dream can mean concealed resentment, complexes associated with them.

Modern dream interpretation of the XXI century

  1. To dream a cat is to big fights in the house, kittens – an unexpected profit.
  2. Stroking a cat – in the shower you doubt and distrust the loved one.
  3. Ran across the road – ready to meet the enemy, an evil man.
  4. Rubs against legs – an affliction in the house.
  5. Heard loud meowing – false recognition, see mewing cat – a call for help.
  6. Bit and scratched the cat – slander, libel on the part of its owners.
  7. Game cats – trouble on the personal front.
  8. To see a crushed cat – the lifestyle that you lead, entails dire consequences.
  9. To hurt the animal to have a stone heart.
  10. Cat came in a dream to her husband – he center of women’s attention; the woman, this vision warns about the opponent.
  11. Catch mice, cats promises wealth.

The Dream Miller

What to expect if you see a cat in dream:

This animal is a harbinger of failure, but to send her away, you will easily overcome obstacles. If she threw herself at you wanting to bite or scratch, get ready for a meeting with enemies, maybe enemies. Face thin, samodelnoe cat – some of your friends/colleagues are sick, that the disease has receded, the animal needs to get rid of it. Untidy, dirty, or sick animal – wait for bad news; if it is dragging a hind leg – in your soul dwell in the sadness, health will deteriorate. To hear but not to see the cat screeching and meowing is your imaginary friend is prepared to give you a nasty surprise.

If you scratched a cat, prepare yourself for the fact that the enemies will lose a large part of the profit.

For girls to hold kitty in his arms – soon she will be involved in unpleasant things. White cat – confusion in cases which entail grief. For a person working in the trade, the cat means that you need to work honestly with full dedication.

Summing up

To understand what dream of a cat, note the day of the week and the number of sleep. Try to remember as many details as possible. After all, even the mood of the animal affects the interpretation. Thus, aggressive cats in a dream – a symbol of the enemies, harming and angry – you will use all means to achieve material wealth.

Crazy cat – prepare to deal with obsessive females. If the cat shat in my sleep, get ready to close encounter with a personality that annoys you. This dream also tells about petty bickering, innuendo. But if the cat in the dream of the drowned – attempted opponents to upset your relationship will fail.

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