Dream cat, dream interpretation

What a dream kit? This is big and powerful sea creature may promise the protection in real life, and may be a harbinger of tragedies and disasters. Depends on what interpretation of night’s visions with an inhabitant of the ocean, tells a well-known interpreters of dreams.

What a dream kit

What a dream kit

Women’s dream book

To dream of a whale that swam to the ship, means that confusion. Will have to make a difficult choice. Inverted sea giant ship warns against accident or theft. To see the whaler aptly sadovskogo harpoon, means that you will reach your goals.

Old Russian dream book

Appeared in the dreams of a cat signifies more income and rich life.

French dream book

Cat in a dream suggests that in real life you suddenly appear a benefactor, and it solved many problems. To see a dead animal on the beach – close to misfortune.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

The appearance of a whale in a dream foretells the spiritual and mystical discoveries. If you swallowed, so you’re under the protection of Providence. Watch the frolicking whales in the ocean – an unexpected pleasant journey in distant countries.

Children’s dream book

According to this dream book, a cat foretells unexpected changes in life, caused by a mysterious and puzzling circumstances.

The newest dream book

Dream cat predicts inheritance, and playing in the sea whales are madly passionate affair.

Denise Lynn

To dream of a whale suggests that achieving the goal will help the intuition. Your instincts will tell you how to act in difficult situations. Also, the dream may imply that your task is to take the path of development of inner strength.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Whales dream to big the best value. Hunting of these animals – to celebrate the wedding. But if the whale capsized your ship, you will be part of a love triangle.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

White cat, who appeared in the dream says that you – the chosen of fortune. Such an animal can still hint at a wedding in the near future. His blue fellow heralds acquaintance with a very extraordinary man. For a young woman to see the dream of the whale – to emergency pregnancy that will be easy, delivery will be completed successfully.

Dream interpretation Dmitry and Hope Winter

If the person is admiring the whale, so his are big projects, so ambitious that they seem overwhelming. Overpower is a serious matter, dreamer or no, to decide for himself. But in case of failure, high chance to go bankrupt. But a good finale will bring eye-popping dividends.

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