Had a carrot, dream interpretation

In many dream books interpretation of dreams about the carrot is very different from each other. So you are free to choose the interpretation that is closest to you.

We need peace and carrots

We need peace and carrots

Lunar dream book

What you dream of carrots – a great benefit. If in the dream you enjoyed the carrot, in the near future you will suffer the disease. If you dream you were cleaning a carrot and put it in the soup, that’s a good sign. In your family life will reign love, peace, harmony and understanding.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If a woman saw in a dream the carrot, she does not find satisfaction in his personal life.

Autumn dream interpretation

If you dreamed a dream that you clean the carrot, rejoice. This suggests that your health will recover.

Culinary dream book

If you dream that you are growing in your garden carrots, rejoice. You will not suffer from disease. In material terms you won’t feel the need.

Esoteric dream book

If in the dream you pulled out a carrot in the garden, then your efforts will not go in vain. Eat carrots or cook with her food – wait for the prize.

Women’s dream book

Carrots in a dream – a symbol of health and success in real life. If a young woman sees a dream in which she will eat carrots, so she would have an early and successful marriage. It will be a happy mother and her children will bring her joy.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

If a woman will dream of carrots, it will have good health. Also, this dream means that she will live in prosperity and abundance.

The dream dictionary from A to z

If you dream you admire the carrot, which grows your bed, wait for success and profit in their business. If in the dream you watered it, pulled a carrot garden of weeds, you will be different health. To harvest carrots – humble circumstances. Shred the root on a grater – you will have a happy family life and many children. If you dream you cook the carrot, to add it to the dish, be prepared for discomfort. Marinate the vegetable in a loss.

Ukrainian dream book

In this dream interpretation of such dreams is filed in a negative way. To dream of carrots it is considered bad luck. You have to be ashamed of their actions, or you will make a lot of effort to achieve your goals, but they will be useless.

Spring dream interpretation

An interesting interpretation in the spring dreams: the carrot in the dream means that you tend to brag about its merits. Should not be so high to think about yourself. Bragging to anything good does not.

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