Had a carpet, dream interpretation

If you had to dream of a carpet, re-read the interpretation of several dreams. Interpretation can be very different.

Dream interpretation: to dream of carpet

Dream interpretation: to dream of carpet

Women’s dream book

If a girl will see in their dreams the carpet, let rejoices. In the near future it will become the owner of a beautiful house. Sleepwalk rugs – wait for prosperity and success. If in the dream you are buying rugs for myself, to you, comes a lot of money. Carpets – an interesting and profitable trip. Rugs in dreams often mean that you have a financially secure friends, who, if necessary will stretch you a helping hand. It also means that you will find a calm, comfortable and carefree life.

Erotic dream book

Turn the pages of the dream book, see: carpet is good health. If in the dream you walked on the carpet, you have to know what destitution and poverty.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The carpet – to a happy marriage. If you saw on the floor in his house a beautiful new carpet, you will soon be a big feast. Selling of carpet – get ready for what will be in need. If the carpet was a picture of a strange figure in your life happen important event.

English dream interpretation

If you dream you see that came in rich room covered with rich carpets, rejoice. You will become a wealthy man.

Esoteric dream book

If in the dream you standing on the carpet, you will have pleasant worries. You will become the owner of a new home. If you dream that you shake the rug, it’s a sign for you. Now is the best time to manage the business associated with real estate.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

The carpet in my sleep – to rest and calm. If you walk on the carpet, means you will find glory. Buy rugs – to riches. If you dream you saw a lot of carpets in your home will always be prosperity.

Children’s dream book

If you dream you saw the carpet, this suggests that you subconsciously wish you rest and peace. You need to devote time to themselves and relax.

ABC of the interpretation of dreams

What dreams rug with a red pattern – you will find a happy marriage. If the carpet is old and the picture on it is barely visible, your relationship with your boss will be very challenging. If you were selling carpets, you will find a difficult time in life.

Universal dream

If you dream you swept the dust under the carpet on the floor, so you have something to hide from prying eyes. As an option – you don’t want to admit the obvious.

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