What does it mean to dream of cards

Gambling is not encouraged in most families, that left a definite imprint on dreams. However, the maps in the dream is a very old symbol, interpreted in different dream books quite clearly. It can equally well be a signal how the difficulty and trouble, and possible positive events in life.

what dream card

What dream card

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

Dream cards can be as the embodiment of all life and the chances of that fall. Log and suit are different sides of fate. Worms are responsible for the feelings, friendship and communication with other people, diamonds symbolize a business relationship. Clubs are responsible for material wealth, financial prosperity, peaks – a sign of the obstacles, the troubles that pertain to all aspects of life.

Plays a role, and then what cards you have. ACE main card of the deck, so it reflects the extreme of the phenomenon in all aspects. So, the ACE of spades symbolizes great obstacles, and clubs – a good financial picture of life.

A modern dream book

What dream card is treated depending on the suit. If you dreamed of diamonds, soon expects to have financial success, profit and make money. Worms promise adventure on the love front, crosses a very profitable investment of effort and money, and the peaks symbolize the impending disease, the betrayal of anyone.

The Dream Miller

If spending time playing cards, for example, displaying patience – it can mean the realization of the hopes, which helped to move forward. Lost small trouble in the form of lung diseases, difficulty in the work.

Dream interpretation negative interpretation of the card when they come in dreams in the form of gambling. This is clearly a negative symbol, regardless of whether the person loses or wins. A positive result means a very dubious success – with great difficulty settle the case, the justification before the law. Loss – a sign of huge difficulties in life.

Women’s dream book

If you dream of playing cards for entertainment, this means recovery from disease small and getting rid of other small life difficulties. If in the dream there is a game on money, wait for the imminent emergence of serious challenges.

In love sense, if playing cards in a dream and to lose, means that the existing attachment will not bring happiness, and things will be settled very badly. When had a win – expect a cool reception if you are going to visit or for a formal evening. However, there you can find real friends who will come to help in difficult moments of life.

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