What dream car dream interpretation

To decrypt the human sleep requires long study and observation. Therefore, values of sleep where people can dream of a car are very different and multifaceted.

Dream car

What does it mean to dream car

Women’s dream book

The car ride in a dream may anticipate a pleasant chores that will bring rapid and favorable changes in life. If during the drive the accident occurred, then such a dream signifies the emergence of unpleasant situations for the entertainment of the dreamer. If you were able to avoid the accident, such a dream represents the possibility that people will not see a bad event or opponent.

Autumn dream interpretation

This dream book interprets the dream car as a dream that portends profit and the ability to seize a large sum of money.

Erotic dream book

The car is the key to new acquaintances and pleasant communication in life. If in the dream the man in the car gets in an accident, such events can talk about the imminent disorder relationship with a loved one. If the accident was avoided, this means that the second half never finds out about the other love Affairs of a sleeping person.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

Sleep with the car foreshadows the changes in his personal life. If the sleeper runs the car in the dream, this sign could Herald a period of poverty. To Park in the car – the beginning of a breakup.

Dream interpretation of the witch Medea

Dream interpretation reveals a dream in which the car appears like a dream, represents inner strength of a sleeping person. If the dreamer is riding in a taxi, such a dream means that soon will give him a helping hand in any business, but for their assistance would have to pay money.

Ukrainian dream book

Sleep with the car foreshadows the emergence of unexpected news. When a dreamer goes on passenger cars, then such a dream promises happiness in business and life. If a person understands that he drove a car, that dream means imminent unpleasant changes in the sphere of work and careers.

Spring dream interpretation

Riding in the car in the back seat heralds the imminent journey. If the dreamer himself sits behind the wheel, then such a dream promises new achievements and triumph.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To go in the car with the light on means that the life of the dreamer planned a large and important event such as a wedding.

Dream Interpretation Azar

A dream where the sleeper goes in the car foreshadows a short road but if man operates the machine, then such a dream foretells its inflated self-worth.

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