Dream cap in the dream

What dream hat?

to dream of a hat

To dream of a hat

Russian dream book

Cap dream of a long road. Soon you will have to go on a trip. This event is not dependent on your desire

Star dream interpretation

If you had a hat, it means that you have a strong defense.

The Jewish dream book

This interpreter said that one who wears a hat on the head in your dream, will soon face the fuss and hassle. If you let her in the dream, then in real life to believe that soon will come the recovery, but deliberately cap to twist it, play with it – to the disease. Purchase hats in the dream promises the emergence of a new patron, a wealthy man. Searches caps portend good change.

Magical dream interpretation

To dream of a hat for this dream to nearby change for the better. The process of donning headgear says a good deal in reality. If you dream you are wearing a new outfit, wear a luxurious hat, where your wardrobe is not, in real life soon will come true your dream.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

Dear hat made of fur, can appear in the dream the person who doesn’t keep his word, not fulfilling promises. Soon destiny will turn away from the dreamer. When dream hat of the prisoner, it is a sign of weakness. Black hat symbolizes sadness and bitterness. Buying hats speaks about the appearance in a person’s life reliable patrons.

Akulina Dream Interpretation

To dream of a new cap – to a good position in society. Old and ragged hat portends only loneliness. Even if you dreamed of it is this, it is necessary to imagine the following scene: you throw out the old hat and buy a nice new one.

Home dream interpretation

The hat symbolizes a new thoughts. When someone in the dream in front of you breaks it, the reality will offer you a profitable cooperation. Someone from your entourage will be able to consider your strengths. If you dream you take my hat off to someone to pass it, it speaks of the manifestation of goodwill.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

In this dream any hat on the head precedes the acquisition of the new status, mastering spirituality. The man in his dreams wearing a hat, not aware of their own potential or hide their abilities. The cap symbolizes freedom and noble deeds. It shows the need for respect for the person and speaks of his wisdom and knowledge. You should also pay attention to some details of the dream: the color of the headdress, the form.

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