What does a dream in which you eat candy?

Many horoscopes can tell what dream candy. Because candy always cause pleasant sensations, and in dreams they usually have a positive value. Small candy promise minor news or changes in life, expensive, high-quality dream to a significant shift.

Dream interpretation tsukerki

What dream that you eat sweets

Women’s dream book

Women’s dreams, candy dream to success, but can also warn you about the hypocritical actions of the familiar people. Send someone the gift of a beautifully wrapped candy is an interesting proposal, which will not be accepted. Delicious, fresh chocolates – a sign of future pleasure and entertainment, old, hard sweets, disease, resentment and anger, which will replace the lost location.

Dream Meridian

Dream interpretation of the Meridian, describing what dreams candy says about those dreams and hopes, but if the chocolates were donated, then hope will be empty. Themselves candy with chocolate – good collaboration, inspired job satisfaction.

French dream book

Candy warned about hypocrisy and flattery. Need to wait for the trick or gossip from a man who is considered to be one.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To see candy in a dream – to success and prosperity, and if the person is sick, a speedy recovery. When in the dream appear lollipops – so soon someone will present a gift, but if buying a gift waiting for you.

The Dream Interpretation Of Medea

In a dream to eat candy – prosperity in business, to see sweet – expect a pleasant experience to be carefree and fun.

The Dream Miller

To dream of candy – good luck doing them yourself – wait for the profit after the hard work, there is a delicious candy – pleasure or love for young people. tasteless, bitter, or sour candy is a sign of weakness, irritation for minor reasons or in response to broken trust. Received as a gift sweets persevering courtship that nick nothing.

Modern Jewish dream books

Candy dreams for the arrival of guests or an invitation to the feast. And love the dream promises that you saw in a dream of sweetness, you can count on the wedding. But it is possible that life together will not be successful.

The interpreter of dreams L. frost

There is candy in a dream – wait for good news to buy – will soon invite guests, to entertain – there will be a loyal friend, candy is expensive – to the great profit and had a candy – small money.

Other dream books women candy promise a successful marriage, young people – strong love, pregnant – what: the acquisition, purchase candy was work to be successful. A large number of the sweets – the news, to scatter them to death, collect from the floor or ground before marriage, to treat someone is to go on a date with a special care to you.

If someone gave a box of chocolates to hear some good news. But when you play sweet children – you can count on a good year. Chocolates can dream of the women for pregnancy, for men such a dream promises a change of work and assistance in solving financial problems.

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