What a dream in which I see the burning candle?

The candle may be a symbol of faith and hope, love and separation, success, and public recognition. In order to understand the significance of what he saw, we must try to remember all the details. Comparing this with events in real life, you can get closer to solving the sleep.

Candles in a dream

What does it mean to dream of a burning candle

Small dream book of Veles

On the one hand, the candle informs about love, life success and recovery, the other – warns against danger, and premature death. To produce or ignite this product from the wax – to the joy and the birth of children, and simmer until the ills and diseases. To buy candles in a dream – to large losses.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Candle – a symbol of mystery and salvation. With its help, light your way to home, pray in front of icons, wondering near the mirror. If you see candles in a dream, it indicates the imminent receipt of a pleasant surprise. Wax candle, on the contrary, suggests that in the near future gifts should not wait.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

To dream of a burning candle and flickers in the night from Saturday to Sunday – to live long and spend quiet old age in prosperity and abundance. If Monday to Tuesday, the dream of the candle holder with candles that someone had lit and wait for heavenly help in a difficult case. From Friday to Saturday extinguished candle ‒ a problem in the implementation of the planned Affairs.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Seating brightly burning candle flame is usually a dream to good. Try to take a lighted wax product ‒ will be a trouble. When in the dream there is a candle, from which there is a strong Chad, that means the danger is real. An empty candlestick dream if luck turns away from the man.

Dream Interpretation Freud

Here a lighted candle foretells that you will soon receive long-awaited pleasure in intimacy, but it requires a mutual effort. Trembling flame of the candle wax says that your love could easily destroy the irritability towards partner.

Esoteric dream book

Burning wax candle dream when you need urgent assistance, which will eventually be received in unexpected ways. If the candle is in a Church or floats on water, wait for the tears. It also tells of the death of a loved one.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

A thin long candle symbolizes spirituality, faith, feelings. To see her light in the window, growing old together with a loving and desirable person. Wax candles, found on the road in a scattered condition, to trouble and persecution on believers. Dreamed a strange glow in the sky means that you need to be prepared for any unexpected situation.

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