The calf in my sleep

Calf in a dream means success and good luck in all undertakings, is a symbol of wealth. To understand what a dream calf, pay attention to other fragments of the dream. Dreams with this animal are used in many ways – as a positive for you or negative. In General, this sign in a dream tells about a relaxed and carefree life, which will bring a lot of wonderful emotions, health and pleasure. But it happens that a calf in a dream – a harbinger of failures and illnesses of loved ones, during this period you need to protect yourself from big decisions, because, most likely, will result in failure.

What dream calf

What dream calf

If the calf had a woman

Most often an uncertain dream, where the presence of the calf, means, problems with children, misunderstanding in the family. There are more detailed dream interpretation. For example, to dream of a calf that stands next to your lover, suggests that soon you will have a wedding. If you feed a calf, so you will have a new pleasant acquaintances, perhaps you will have a new best friend who will be sincere to you.

Runs calf foretells that you will soon leave loved one, it can also mean an ambulance, a big fight or unpleasant conversation.

If you are being chased by a calf who wants to catch up with you and insurrections, be very careful, often this means that you will find the betrayal of friends or relatives. Look to your surroundings, analyze your relationship, be ready to kick, it will help you to keep surprise out of the rut and maybe even do small losses.

Calf: the interpretation of dreams

Slim animal warns about some financial crisis, get ready for the forced savings and the lack of money. Thick calf, on the contrary, will bring the family good fortune and great deals at work.

Slaughtered calf is big trouble, a calf, dying of thirst or hunger, to diseases or hazards. If you dream you kill an animal, followed by a series of troubles, you may lose your income.

Sleep calf portends the news you’ve been waiting for. You see a lot of calves – then you will be overflowing a lot of positive emotions. An animal with a bad mood to reprimand from his superiors or to problems in business. If the calf licks itself then you will feel sadness for the loss of capacity or because of unfinished tasks.

A dream where the calf away from the mother – expect obstacles and troubles, which, however, the next time you will be able to overcome, so gather your spirit and be patient.

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