What a dream in which you eat the cake

For those who want to know what dream that you are eating the cake or just admire them, their descriptions prepared by experienced interpreters. The interpretation of dreams originated from the ancient ages, and the sweet pastry cream always had a special meaning.

cake in a dream

What does a dream in which you eat the cake

Autumn dream interpretation

See the cake in the dream – you are waiting for rough fun, meeting with friends and making new acquaintances.

Spring dream interpretation

A dream in which you see the cake, means that you come to visit, and you will treat them different dishes, to show hospitality.

Summer dream

Cake in a dream symbolizes the welfare change for the better in his personal life, in business.

Women’s dream book

A dream in which she saw the cake, it means trouble. Most likely, her lover did not disappoint, and family life will be difficult. Bake a cake – do you often get depressed, too demanding of others and their lives.

Ukrainian dream book

To dream of cake – be careful with a woman, to eat – will entertain guests.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Cake dreams to the pleasant cares of the holiday hassle. Buy a cake at the store – wait for the surprise gift. I give you the cake – wait for the good news, surprises. Baking a cake – you will cause, which should be abandoned, rather, it is a gamble. There is a cake in the dream, your love will be mutual, can also make a profit. For a young girl who is about to get married, wedding cake dream to discord with her lover, the abolition of the celebration.

Love dream interpretation

To dream of cake – no doubt his favorite. He truly loves you and will remain faithful to the end. With him you will live a long, happy family life, you are waiting for prosperity and harmony. If your friend told that during sleep eat cake, enjoy, soon it will have plenty of reasons for a good mood.

Dream Interpretation Of Yuri Longo

To eat in the dream cake – too much attention to their appearance, then how to engage in spiritual self-education. You should pay attention to more important things. Because of his frivolity, you may be in a difficult situation, you do not understand family and friends, work colleagues. Prepare and bake cake – get ready for serious work. If you do it properly, do the job «perfectly», then your future will be promising.

People’s dreams

To dream of a big and beautiful cake – you are in anticipation of great success and recognition. Look at the cake without feeling hungry – your achievements will be the result of painstaking and hard work. Candles on the cake mean the fulfillment of a cherished desire. To the dream the gift of the cake – expecting a positive experience from the successful completion of cases. There – you may want to pay attention to your weight, limit the consumption of high-calorie dishes. To give the cake to someone of the opposite sex – dissatisfaction in the intima.

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