What have cacti

A dream books consider a cactus a symbol of life. This is a plant with sharp thorns, sometimes happy beautiful colors. Human life is also full of troubles and happy moments. However, in order to see exactly what had this prickly flora, it is necessary to consider the details of the dream.

what have cacti

What have cacti

Flowering cactus

Blooming cactus is a symbol of good luck. However, seeing him in his sleep, should be cautious because of the bright attractive flowers can hide sharp thorns. Such a dream warns of a possible meeting with an interesting and mysterious man should be careful.

Sharp thorns

Dream, which featured the spines of a cactus, should be read literally: as soon as you have danger. Also there is another warning: be careful with statements about the close and dear people. Even an innocent joke can hurt a person and ruin a good relationship.

Houseplant in a pot

If you dream you saw the cactus as a house plant in the near future, intentionally or accidentally learn someone else’s secret. Only you can determine how to dispose of this information. However, wishing to harm someone, themselves may become a victim of circumstances.

To care for plants

Want to know what dreams the cacti you are caring for? Watering, transplanting and other actions with prickly plant predict amazing events. In your life will be a man who at first glance does not cause sympathy. But do not rush to conclusions! This person will play an important role and perhaps change your Outlook.

Buying or receiving a gift

If you dream that you buy a cactus, ahead of a tough situation when «and want, and prickly». To choose the right decision, have to weigh and consider.

Bearing in dream cactus in the gift, focus your attention on the person who makes the gift. If it’s someone you know, in reality, be careful and do not trust.

The lost cactus

A dream in which spiny plant withered, warns: your strength! If you are to change stance and tactics, soon there will be health problems that can affect the appearance.

Broken dream stem animal is a sign of lost opportunities, of which sleep is sorry. It is not necessary to focus on the past, it can distract from the new chances.

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