What dreams cabbage woman

Often dreams tell us answers to questions we sometimes don’t even Express out loud. To help decipher the dreams different dreams, and in them you can find completely opposite interpretations. But cabbage is most dream books agree that in General it is a negative sign. What dreams cabbage woman? At different dream books may portend illness, infidelity, family problems. But some commentators attributed her positive qualities.

Dream interpretation cabbage

What dreams cabbage woman

The Dream Miller

According to this interpreter of the dream foretells the turmoil in business and personal life. Green cabbage warns of the accomplished or future infidelity of the husband or of the treacherous love. Cutting cabbage with a knife in the garden or cleaning the cobs in the field hints to you about the excess of expenditure over income, on the need to reduce costs.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

He warns: saw in a dream boil the cabbage, wait for the gossip about you behind your back. But if you eat it, then possible a quick surprise or a gift.

English dream interpretation

Connects the vision of the vegetable with jealousy of your partner. If you cut yourself, the jealous husband or boyfriend will become painful. If cabbage shredded another person, then someone wants to introduce doubt into your relationship with your partner. Ate cabbage – expect losses or money, or health, or serious loss in the family.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Cabbage is closely associated with children and procreation. No wonder they say that children find in cabbage. To see sour patch during sleep or water them – you are too soft with your kids. Cut forks – have to apply to the authority in respect of a child. Shredder cabbage or cooking meals out of it – expect trouble from your children. Cut the stalk – your child has a bad habit that you need to get rid of. To see slides from you forks, the child moves away from parents in a spiritual sense, looking for support from other people.

Dream Interpretation Longo

Here are the positive unraveling of dreams. If you harvested a tight fork, then wait for the arrival of you a pleasant person or the implementation of any dreams. Unusual cabbage in a dream (kohlrabi, Brussels sprouts, etc.) reports that there is a person you care about, but you might not guess. Take a look around! Buy cabbage in the market reports of the imminent joyous event with your loved one or emergency of pregnancy.

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