Buttons in my sleep

That could portend buttons in my sleep? The answer to this question will be the interpretations of various commentators.

What dreams buttons dream interpretation

What dreams buttons dream interpretation

A modern dream book

A young girl’s dream, where she is engaged in sewing bright buttons to the form, signifies worthy for all parameters of the candidate for a husband. When such a dream of a young man, he predicts military service and remarkable success in this field.

Buttons in the dream, dim view, or made out of matter predict disappointment in someone or something, loss and development of various ailments.

When in the dream you lost a button and was very concerned – so, in reality you are waiting for an unprofitable business.

In the dream button can be a mark the changes in life.

A large number of buttons to dream of untold wealth.

When you dream you cut off a button, you can in reality to face the infidelity of the partner.

You had to sew in the dream button – so, life circumstances will develop successfully.

Small dream book of Veles

To changes in life and real success – that’s what dream buttons.

You are lucky to find GZK – wait assistants.

When you were sewing on buttons, get a lot of money.

Lost in the dream GZK – in reality you expect various obstacles that will hinder the achievement of the goal.

Women’s dream book

A young girl who saw engaged in sewing on buttons, in fact, may soon expect a pleasant and wealthy lover.

In different loss or frustrated as having buttons that are small or faded look.

When you lost button and were uneasy – so in fact will face loss and failure in trials.

The Dream Miller

Saw in a dream the process of sewing bright buttons – a dream for young ladies may be a harbinger of the emergence in her personal life of a successful man.

A young man sees such a dream before returning to service. Also dream foretells to the young people a successful service and a great career in this direction.

Faded buttons dream to disappointment in anything or anyone, and even to poor health.

Lose buttons and worry about it – in reality likely to face problems related to money matters and personal relationships.

Esoteric dream book

Engaged in sewing buttons in a dream? Reality itself will come up with small hassle.

Had a button tear off – then reality will step back from the small but very important things.

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