What dream butterfly

Butterfly as a symbol is quite ambiguous, as is synonymous with lightness, and levity. Therefore, to correctly interpret a dream with these insects, it is necessary to consider all the details, the emotions caused by the dream.

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What do butterflies dream?

What dream of a butterfly?

These beautiful insects usually promise success and prosperity. If butterflies fly in my sleep, pretty soon, let you know friends, very far from you. Girls dream foretells a long loving relationship that will bring them happiness and positive emotions.

If the butterfly is dead, soon will start trouble, which you will not have time to prepare. Insect promises adventure, and even tests. If your vision is a butterfly lands on the palm, then wait for the imminent meeting with the person with whom you have a good time.

According to this dream interpretation, if a butterfly is circling around the fire, you threaten some danger, be careful.

Colored butterfly in a dream

If you saw a lot of colorful butterflies hovering around, soon in life you will meet new interesting people who will burst into your life and decorate it with bright colors. According to another interpretation, such a dream indicates the emergence of opportunities to change your life for the better.

What dreams a lot of butterflies?

If you dreamed of a butterfly in a large number of that spin in an incredible dance over the spacious field, achieving the main goal – only a matter of time, the main thing – not to relax and move forward.

See white butterflies

If you dream of a butterfly, this vision warns about the disease and the occurrence of significant trouble. The fairer half of mankind is a wonderful insect points to the impossibility of carrying out their desires. If the butterfly is also large, to the cherished goal you will get there soon.

What have moths?

Such dreams are associated with dead people. If you catch moths, in life, you really miss the departed in the world other loved ones. According to another interpretation, butterfly night indicates that you have a dark side.

Catching butterflies

This dream indicates that you will soon find a mate, but your Union will be short-lived and breaking up over mindlessness in behavior and actions. In that case, if you catch a butterfly without hands, and with the help of the net, expect the tension in family relationships.

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