What dreams burn

To determine, what dreams burn, you need to remember the details of the dream. Typically, such a dream portends good news health, happiness, and good relationships with others. The value can vary depending on a situation in which you saw the burn.

what dreams burn

What dreams burn

Burns without blisters and injuries

You expect the unexpected and strange events, which plunged into confusion and will greatly affect the course of life. You will meet the person you have been avoiding for a long time. Your fears can come true.

Blisters and ulcers

A sudden event will entail finding-out of relations with others. This will lead to unpleasant and painful consequences.

Healed scar, the burn scar on the face

You need to come to terms with the situation and appreciate what you have. Otherwise, you can chase pie in the sky and lose the bird in the hand.

To burn my hands

You have good intentions, but your loved ones approve of it and are ready to assist in the achievement of goals.

To walk barefoot on hot coals

You will succeed in any endeavor. With your actions you will inspire others and instill in them confidence.

To burn them alive.

In your environment there are people on whom you can count on. Try less to spread his plans and be careful, otherwise you may lose your luck.

Healed the burn marks

You will be able to recover from a long illness. The scars should be fully healed and without a crust.

Caused by blast burn

A dream foretells an accident. Be careful and you will be able to avoid trouble.

To get burned on the oven

Dream burn on the glowing red stove is to be interpreted as a harbinger of the difficulties started in the enterprise. If you put more effort, you can bring the case to the end.

To burn on a gas stove

If you dream you are too much opened fire the burner and get burned, you will experience a big disappointment. However, do not despair as the feeling of frustration will soon be replaced by happiness and joy.

Nettle burn

All the discontent that has accumulated in your heart, will spill over on others. So you can ease the soul and to find harmony with each other. But in the future try to avoid such release from the stress, otherwise all negative energy can return to you.

See the burn on the body of another person

Someone looking for sympathy, but be careful – you will lose a lot of vitality.

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