Had beets, dream interpretation

Simple and straightforward in reality, prividevshayasya in dream beets can acquire a special meaning. Cooked or sitting in the garden, red or white, large or small – everything matters. What dreams true? Look at the dream books.

What dream beets

What dream beets

Alphabet of dreams

Red beets, you dreamed, means that you can expect a short vacation from worries.

White or immature beets dream to small trouble.

East sealcoating

Rose on a bed of beets in the dream, foretelling a bountiful harvest.

If you eat with someone, you are waiting for good news.

To see the beets on a stained dish – lot of small problems and worries.

Culinary sealcoating

If you dream you eat vegetable soup or salad, soon you will have the chance to get even with enemies.

Small dream book of Veles

To dream of beets – to feast; to collect, order in the economy; to clear the land – to shame; to feed the animals – good; sugar – to the risk; growing up in the field beets – hard work will bring good fruits; beet salad – you are successful.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Beets in a dream means that soon you will be invited to the party.

Scarlet dreams to joy and sorrow.

Remove the beets dream – in reality you will question a person.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Field sown with beets, dream to disappointment in the loved one and symbolizes illusion.

Fodder beet – you get into bad company or is subjected to evil influences.

Weeding the beet patch to the skin problems.

Cut beets – at work, you’re in trouble, quarrels are possible with colleagues.

Eat raw beet – your family will increase.

Cooked vegetables portend financial instability.

Cook or eat beet soup, you will have to down the wrath of your superiors.

Sealcoating Fedorov

To dream of beets – you know new rumors.

See how someone eats beets, you guys will hear news that you do not have a direct relationship.

To buy in the market or in the store – you will receive an important letter.

Someone in your family collects the beets – you will hear from distant relatives.

Sow beets – you will tell stories.

If you dream you weed, dig or prepare something from beets to empty talk.

Little Russian dream book

Red beet-a dream to good health, yellow – harassment, white – danger. To cut the vegetables to the separation, to collect – to be a good owner, to clear the land attraction.

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