Something to dream cones

Cones to dream – to be patient and to prepare for troubles. A gloomy interpretation can be found in some dream interpretation books. Others, conversely, argue that cones having unexpected profit and good health. Some consider the pine cone a symbol of wisdom, and the lump on my forehead a sign of self-importance.

dream cones

The bumps in my sleep — what to do

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Cones (spruce, pine, cedar) have people who are on the verge of joyful events. If your present life – solid black line, then such a dream promises the favor of fortune in the near future. Sick bumps, especially large ones, promise healing, and healthy – a rush of vitality.

Sometimes this dream promises a large sum of money. If you doubt the correctness of decisions concerning financial issues, with sleep the bumps indicate that the unrest in vain.

If in a dream cones lying under the feet and you collect them, the reality of the possible inheritance or the profits from financial investments.

The bumps on your own forehead warn of impending trouble. This dream advises us to carefully plan their actions to avoid trouble. If you dream you see a friend, the head of which flaunts bump, soon he’ll need your help in unpleasant situations.

Lump on leg – promotion, chest – heart feelings, the neck – to change the profession or opening a new business.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Collect in a dream pine cones, a warning about the occurrence of streaks. This dream shows that you will pay for causing someone offense.

Dropped in on you a lump – a sign of dissatisfaction with your immediate superiors at work. Perhaps you should be more conscientious attitude to their professional duties. Trying to break a lump that hangs on the top of the tree, is to have unsubstantiated claims to the people around you.

To pine cones in a gift – a warning of misfortune lies in wait for you. Pot shots at others – it means to have secret enemies that can hurt you.

To fill a bump on his forehead – evidence of big trouble, who will not hesitate to fall on your head.

Women’s dream book

Large cones with nuts – evidence of good health. Empty dreams to disappointment and resentment.

To participate in the collection of cones is to obtain undeserved insult. If you dream you hit a person and on his forehead there was a bump, then you can expect disagreements with work colleagues.

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