Bumblebee in a dream what a dream

what dreams bumblebee

What dreams bumblebee — dream interpretation

In some dream books it says that the bumblebee symbolizes success and friendship with influential people. But most of the interpretations carry a negative meaning. Such dreams often mean trouble, suffering or monotonous lives.

The newest dream book

If you in night dreams I saw bumblebee, rejoice. You have a good sponsor, who will extend a helping hand in difficult moments of life. If in the dream you tried to catch a bumblebee, you will be in trouble at home. If bumblebee large size flies circles around you, wait for trouble.

Small dream book of Veles

In the dream, was bitten by a bee – you happen to get hurt to get bitten in the dream place. If you’re in a dream went somewhere and your face at full speed and hit a bumblebee, there is a fire.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Bumblebee in the dream – warning. Be attentive to your condition. It is not necessary to work on deterioration. Although you have a busy schedule and hard work, find time for rest and recuperation.

If you saw a huge bumblebee that was circling chaotically around, you need to be patient. This dream warns that you come upon trouble and problems. They can only be overcome with a calm mood. Calmness, composure, confidence your best allies. Not worth the fuss, it will only worsen the situation.

If the insect had unmarried girl, she will soon be a wealthy admirer. This man will, to win her affection. His persistence and perseverance will do the trick. The girl can’t resist and give their consent to his proposal.

Sting of the bumblebee in a dream – to the machinations of enemies. You have powerful detractors who weave intrigues against you and are trying to discourage you in your endeavors. If you are involved in litigation, such a dream foretells you a big chance of losing.

If the insect in the dream is aggressive and always wants to attack you, you are waiting for claims, disputes and red tape. Need to prepare and put in order all the documents.

A huge swarm of bees dream to a fun party. You will have a great time with friends and colleagues. But caution does not hurt in this case: stay Golden midway, not really a flood of emotions to pour out his soul before strangers.

Summer dream

Bumblebee in the dream – hard work which will consume much energy.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If the girl will dream of a bumblebee, so she will soon be a rich admirer.

Spring dream interpretation

Bumblebee in a dream – will be friends with a powerful man who will protect you.

Esoteric dream book

Watch for flying bumblebee – monotonous flow of life and work. You are waiting for the heavy work days without rest or holidays.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

What dreams bumblebee – for material well-being and luck. If the insect was dead, in your life there will be events that will knock you off track and cause many to suffer.

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