What does a dream in which you see the bull?

To understand what have cows and bulls, to begin to determine who exactly you saw. It is important for the correct and most accurate interpretation of dreams. Also of great importance is the animal’s behavior and story events. So, you are sure that he dreamed of a bull. Different dream books offer several options for decoding this symbol.

What dreams bull

What dreams bull

A modern dream book

According to the explanation of this dream, drawn by the bull is a symbol of ingratitude and disrespect to the patrons, friends or relatives. Time responded to the message, you can correct the situation and avoid serious conflicts. If dream bull struck you with beauty and power – don’t miss your chance! Soon you will get the opportunity to show leadership and earn the respect of others.

Remember, what dreams black bull is a symbol of obstacles that await on the road to success. Herd bulls black suit means a large number of competitors, to cope with which will be quite difficult. Attack of the black cattle also portends a real danger and threat to life. White bull, on the contrary, brings good luck, wealth and fame.

The Dream Miller

According to the theory of Gustav Miller, a pasture represents the position in society, so its condition is also of great importance for the correct interpretation of the dream. The thick juicy grass is respect, and dried field portends frustration of others. To understand what might have bulls, you have to look at the circumstances of what is happening in the dream:

  • dead animal – an unpleasant event and frustration, breaking which it is possible to achieve success;
  • to kill the bull – a warning about the danger that you will be able to avoid;
  • beautiful and well-fed animal stable position in society and increase savings.

For men sleep with a bull can mean the popularity among the fair sex.

Other explanations

Before thinking what a dream bull, try to listen to inner feelings. Perhaps you feel the desire to engage in agriculture, the symbol of which it is a hardworking animal.The interpreters of dreams from India claim that the behavior of the mighty animal seen in a dream reflected the reality in the form of the relationship to you of some influential persons. But if a lonely man would dream of cattle, drinking water, solitude will soon come to an end and the dreamer will get a profitable marriage proposal. Esoteric dream book explains that the bull in dreams symbolizes unbridled energy. An animal attack can alert about a possible meeting with a serial killer or a rapist. Those who are in a dream eating the meat of the slain bull, and can expect a quick financial profit.

If you saw in a dream the bull, analyze the behavior of the animal, its appearance, color and environment. Only in this case it is possible to obtain detailed and accurate interpretation of dreams.

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