What does it mean to dream of bedbugs

What have bedbugs?

what have bugs

What have bugs

Spring dream interpretation

Bedbugs can speak to the dreamer that there was a man, which in reality will spoil his life.

Summer dream

Crush bug in bed in a dream – to trouble.

Autumn dream interpretation

If the sleeping person appeared in my dream many bugs, it is the appearance of money. Depending on the situation, may be, and their waste.

Women’s dream book

In this dream catch bugs mean that you sleep in real life, can get sick or misfortune happens. If these insects very much, then in the near future there will be drastic changes in your life. If you managed to squash several bugs, from which it is seen how the water flows, not blood, the disease in reality is short-lived. Much more serious for the sleep, if the bugs in the dream crawling up the wall. It may portend serious disease. Only fear of death is not worth it.

Small dream book of Veles

Bugs in a dream can symbolize trouble, dealing with an annoying companion, longing. If you want to find the bug, it means losses and worries. When during sleep the person eats the insect, then soon he will take part in the quarrel.

Love dream interpretation

To dream of bedbugs, like reality, is not a pleasant sight. Most likely, you will know that your date – two-faced man.

Old Russian dream book

Bed bugs and fleas in the dream, have the same value for a sleeping person.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova E.

Bugs having to money and profit.

Dream Interpretation Miller G.

Not good value to have bugs for a man who saw in a dream. They are predicting a protracted illness or trouble, grief. When you are in the dream it seemed that the bugs are too many and they are close to you, expect the fatal changes. If the sleeper failed to consider the insects and understand that they have died, then such a dream portends trouble associated with illnesses. If you dream you get to catch and crush a bug, but instead of blood Squirting out water, the reality don’t worry, your disease will soon recede. Bugs always symbolize trouble. Therefore it is necessary to interpret this dream only after you will restore the whole picture of what is happening. Perhaps these insects for a sleeping person there is nothing wrong, if they were seen only in passing. Bad, if the person in the dream clearly see the bed bugs that climb up the wall painted in white color. What have these bugs, will interpret this dream. This vision can warn of serious illness, which have long torment. But do not be afraid, a fatal outcome will not occur.

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