What dream that you see a bucket, dream interpretation

In real life, people know the difference – people crossing the road, holding a full or empty bucket. Same thing in dreams, the subject they portend different things depending on content, location, etc. Read what it means in different dream books, bucket and be ready for any event.

a bucket in a dream

To dream a bucket

Autumn dream interpretation

Saw in a dream the bucket, in which harvest – favourable state of the finances.

Summer dream

Had that road passed a man with a bucket without content – rejoice, You are waiting for happiness, success.

Spring dream interpretation

Sleep with a full bucket of liquid means benefit, profit, empty – loss, the hype.

Women’s dream book

Full bucket – wait for success in everything, empty is the negative sign means financial losses, poor crop. Go for water to the well – make a profit for their hard work.

People’s dreams

The bucket fell from his hands, and it all poured out – will be responsible for their failures. Carrying heavy bucket – laborious work, which will be richly rewarded. The liquid flows out of holes – a missed opportunity.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Empty bucket – financial loss, loss. Someone crossed the road with buckets without content – to grief, trouble, failure, full – means joy and success. Carry heavy buckets – will have to spend a lot of effort to achieve results. If they are full, all the success in life are obtained through hard work. The yoke – you will help people that don’t suspect. Repair the bucket – you have a weak character and unable to resist problems. A bucket of water in my dream for women means happiness, an early marriage, with milk – a great sign, waiting for you success, good luck, new friends.

Leaky buckets in a dream – you missed a chance that could change lives for the better. Get buckets of them on the road to pour out – you are waiting for losses. You poured water from buckets – expect changes in the weather. In a state of great thirst buckets looking for at least grams of water, be patient, soon everything will change for the better. Rusty vessel – to rumour, bottomless – do not waste your nerves and efforts on the man never will do thanks.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon

Dreams with the full contents of the buckets – a good sign, that means great success in business, bargain, win, dream, empty bucket will become a victim of fraud, a fraud, a disappointment. Go with buckets to the well – be rewarded for your efforts. The old leaky bucket – your actions will lead to losses.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

The reader saw in the dream bucket – to empty – to the unpleasant hassle. Drops out the bottom – be careful, seriously consider their actions, otherwise they can cause financial losses. Served in a bucket with something a good deal profit. Are filled with win, win, lower the bucket into the clear water – in the Affairs will be a success, drink from it – expect trouble.

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