What dreams brush dream

How to interpret a dream, which clearly shows the brush?

dream brush

To see the brush in her sleep

Spring dream interpretation

Brush can dream on the eve of the big fight, of the scandal.

Summer dream

A dream in which brush should be used probably for harvesting, speaks of the necessity of its implementation in reality. So it is possible to interpret this dream.

Autumn dream interpretation

Because the brush is always used for something to clean the dust and dirt, then in this case it represents only the purity in relations, mutual understanding between people.

Women’s dream book

If you dream of hair brush which you brush your hair, it is the failures, at least, according to this dream book. Lint says in the dream that in reality will have to solve a complex problem, but if you dream the process of cleaning things in the near future we should expect compensation for their own works. If a few brushes, and soon you will see good prospects of work projects.

Russian folk dream interpretation

Brush in dreams can symbolize only the purity, so if a family member cleans your clothes, the reality you experience resentment on the person who criticizes you. Lose the brush – to find a way out of the situation, to deal with the slander. If in your dreams brush the old, worn out or just dirty, you should not fear the slanders of detractors will not affect you in any way.

Small dream book of Veles

A dream where the brush just appeared before your eyes, says about receiving bad news, loss and betrayal.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

If you dream brush for cleaning clothes, it speaks about the forthcoming responsible work. Also, don’t forget to matter what day of the week, when you had a dream.

Jewish dream interpretation Azar

This interpreter of dreams says that the brush is a dream to troubles and scandals.

Ukrainian dream book

When in a dream you can see the brush, it to change and receive bad news. It is important to pay attention to the fine details of the dream.

The Dream Miller

If you dream you are combing brush hair, in real life we can expect trouble because of the inability to conduct business. Old hair brush foretells to the dreamer disease. Brushes, which are usually used to clean clothes from stains or dust symbolize the task, which did not reach the hands. Many brushes in a dream – to well-paid work and pleasant chores associated with work.

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