What have eyebrows, dream interpretation

Open any dream interpretation: there eyebrows can mean both good and bad event in your life. It all depends on their color, thickness and accessories a particular individual.

Dream eyebrows

To dream of eyebrows

Autumn dream interpretation

If you dream you saw yourself thick and fused to the nose eyebrows, rejoice. It symbolizes prosperity and wealth. But if you saw in the dream another person with those eyebrows, expect trouble.

Small dream book of Veles

Eyebrow dream to a profitable business or meeting funny people. Dream, which featured thick brows, – a favorable sign. It means wealth, luck and success. If they fell, wait for deception or grief. Color also is important for black to health, much to the betrayal in my personal life. If in the dream people singe their eyebrows, she’s going to be a dispute about obtaining a hereditary share.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

Dream about beautiful eyebrows mean future success in romantic relationships, respect, or respect among others. Loss of hair from the eyebrows – a sign of rupture or quarrel with someone close to your heart man. If calavi thick and long, wait for wealth and love.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

If you dream you saw people without eyebrows, it means you are waiting for condemnation and shame. Be careful not to make rash acts. Mistakes made in the past will remember and will torture you.

If eyebrows in the dream was tall, and soon your life will unexpected events happen. If calavi very overgrown, take a look at the people around. Among them there is a man who truly loves you. You need to answer him.

A thin, barely visible eyebrows indicate that you need to be very careful. Otherwise you can lose everything. This period is not necessary thoughtlessly to spend money. If calavi fell in the dream, be prepared for a possible deception or grief. You should be more careful to avoid trouble.

Dream Interpretation Of Aesop

Paint the eyebrows in a dream – a sign of a prosperous and joyful life. But if the paint is very different from the actual color of the hair, wait for deception.

The Dream Miller

Eyebrow of another person – a bad sign. In the near future on your way will be obstacles. You will have a lot of work to remove obstacles and barriers.

Spring dream interpretation

Thick beautiful eyebrow in the dream – come guests. If the hair was gray, die or grandparent. Tweeze eyebrows in my sleep from himself warning of a small loss. If you dream you plucked your eyebrows in the other person, wait for the message about someone’s death.

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