What could this dream a broom?

Broom is needed in the economy, to sweep away the debris from the housing. And what is having a broom, tell different interpreters.

a broom in a dream

Dream interpretation: a broom in a dream

A modern dream book

You had a broom? Will be a full order in all things, and there will be changes leading to a prosperous life. To good changes in the Affairs of dream broom, which is in the hands. When you have a dream with a broom to sweep the floor, then in reality you lurk losses and damages. Had to buy a broom in a dream? Actually will do such a thing, which would be difficult. But the quality of its performance in direct proportion will be career growth and well-being in terms of Finance. To the entertainment activities and rather favorable path of life dream broom. When you were given broom in the dream, expect promotions.

The dream dictionary from A to z

By dream a new broom predicts positive changes and prosperity in all things. In the dream he was old and scruffy – faced with losses. When a woman dreamed that a broom was lost, she might start talking about how a brawling woman and worthless mistress. Had to buy a broom – I’ll get to correcting deficiencies in their behavior. It is important not to go too far in their efforts. Had to find a broom in a dream, it means that the years will lose all ties with friends who live far away from you.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

This dream broom is the embodiment of leadership, ladies, runs the household, or friend. When in a dream you were flying on the broom, so, in reality, sometimes dabble in black magic.

Esoteric dream book

Had revenge sex in the dream? It so happens that you and your acquaintances go separate ways. Seen broom predicts certain ailments in the joints.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

To pay old debts – what can dream of a broom. When you have personally used it on purpose, wait for unpleasant troublesome cases. If you had to see how in a dream someone else uses the broom, the possible minor cost. When you saw that I knit a broom, then actually create our own lives, paying attention to all the signs of destiny. To sell or buy a broom – to useless trouble and unrest.

Women’s dream book

When had a broom, so in reality career will quickly go to the mountain, and life will bring the desired benefits. If the broom in the dream was old, we need something very disappointed and even face losses.

Chinese dream interpretation

When it comes to the broom – soon to be promotion.

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