What a dream in which you see the bridge?

The interpretation of dreams about bridges in different dream books is very different. Important material from which made the bridge and the water flowed under it. Depending on these circumstances we will try to understand the different interpretations.

The bridge in the dream

What does it mean to see the bridge in the dream

Autumn dream interpretation

The bridge in the dream, which endlessly goes traffic, so there is no possibility to go, will take part in the funeral.

Women’s dream book

If in the dream you were crossing the bridge and suddenly he fell under you, be ready for treason or betrayal of a loved one. He will not justify your trust, your relationship will be permanently damaged. But in the end you still will find a common language. If you dream you saw the bridge, literally came out of nowhere, you are surrounded by hypocritical and despicable people. Careful.

To build the dream bridge is a major warning. You take on a huge responsibility, it will be very difficult.

You need to pay attention to the water that flowed under the bridge. If it is clean, you will find well-being and prosperity, muddy – your business will end in tears. If in the dream you long to go over the bridge and he never does, then you suffer because of unfulfilled promises.

Children’s dream book

To dream of a bridge with rotting wooden boards constitutes your distrust of a close friend. The same importance is the suspension bridge over the river. Count on yourself, not on friends.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

If the bridge collapsed right under your feet, your friends are dishonest. They build you plan, and can betray you any minute.

The Dream Miller

If in the dream the couple saw a dilapidated bridge, the other end of which is lost to the darkness, so their dreams will be destroyed. They will disperse. If in the dream you crossed the bridge without incident, you will be able to overcome life’s difficulties.

Ukrainian dream book

What a dream to go to the bridge and cross it safely, you can avoid danger. If you saw the dismantled bridge, wait for adversity or sorrow. In the worst case it could be the death of loved ones. If someone in the dream translated the young girl across the bridge to the other side, so that her wedding is not far off. If you see a bridge under which much water noise in your life will change. You change the place of residence.

English dream

If you go to the bridge and who’s stopping you, you will not feel happiness in love. Pass the bridge without hindrance, to success. If in the dream a man came up to the bridge and saw that he destroyed, let not doing anything in my life. During this period, nothing good comes out of these ploys will not work, all will be destroyed.

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