To dream of bricks

In real life, brick has a double meaning. From it erect buildings, it is the symbol of building something new and durable. But brick, like stone, can be a symbol of gravity, intractable problems. No wonder prohibitory road sign named «brick». It is therefore not surprising that the bricks in the dream are interpreted ambiguously.

Brick in a dream

Brick in a dream

The dream dictionary from A to z

If you are a brick, your desire to earn considerable fortune will not bring results. List of bricks is a harbinger of prosperity.

Look at the brick – expect a serious conversation with a loved one. The consequences of this conversation can be dire, up to the parting.

To dismantle the wall brick to the disappointments and losses in moral terms. But if you dream you are building a wall, or watch as others do it, is a good sign. Such a dream promises you a lot of help from loyal friends.

Saw in a dream red bricks – you will be a great success. White portend errors that cannot be corrected.

Magical dream interpretation

This dream book interprets the dream about the bricks is pretty straightforward: they portend high costs for repair or construction work. If you dream you carry the bricks, the construction will be engaged personally.

Are the bricks going to have significant reserves of building materials. Broken, unusable brick – coming repairs that began not at the time.

If watching the manufacture of bricks, waiting for you unfortunate financial expenses.

Old Russian dream book

To dream of a brick – to sadness and tears, and produce them in a short time you someone give.

Small dream book of Veles

Look at the brick – an unexpected discovery or sudden changes in life. Take the brick out of the wall – losses. If you see bricks that will fall directly on you – the possible break with a loved one, divorce.

Women’s dream book

Brick predict problems in love Affairs. Possible troubles with the business. Engaged in manufacturing of bricks – your attempts to improve his material position will not be successful.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

According to this dream interpretation, dream interpretation of brick depends on their number. One will make the right decision. Many brick – you have a tough job. The bricks were piled in a disorderly heap – have you got big plans, to realize that almost impossible.

Dream Interpretation Of The Fedorov

If you burn the bricks, through his own fault will be burdened with empty, but very hard work. If watching the burning of what others do, such work will be done by someone from the people close to you.

Buy bricks in your troubles to blame yourself. Sell – you have an enemy who does not reveal itself, but gives you a lot of trouble.

Broken brick, an important problem will be resolved soon.

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