What a dream, in which breast-feed?

In many dream books to breastfeed in a dream means a good sign. Very rarely such a dream may warn of trouble.

In the dream, nursed

To dream that breastfeed

Dream Interpretation Filomena

To breastfeed a male child – a good sign. All your deals will be successful. Love relationships will also improve. If in the dream you were feeding her milk to someone else’s child, be prepared that your dedication and desire to help others will not be appreciated. People won’t thank you for your help and dedication.

If in the dream you were fed their own milk to a baby, it is a sign of impending good luck. But if such a dream girl, so be prepared for the fact that her happiness goes away quickly. If you saw a woman in the dream, fed the baby, I can take up any task. In this period of life you will be successful. You will be able to easily implement even the most fantastic ideas. The main thing – not to miss the auspicious time.

Dream Interpretation Of Nostradamus

To breastfeed in a dream – a symbol of caring about their own future, about their children. But these worries are not sterile. They will surely bear fruit, as hope and faith in a bright future are capable of much.

Dream Meridian

If an adult woman dreamed a dream that she is breast-feeding a small child, so she’s loving, can share her energy with others, tend to help their loved ones. In addition, such a dream could mean that her family will be okay.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova

The interpretation of such a dream in this dream interpretation is very different. This dream suggests that the person is not paying attention to its shortcomings and don’t want to put in the effort to eradicate them. Your laziness and fickleness can play with you a malicious joke.

Women’s dream book

Breast-feeding dream the propitious period. You will be successful and all your dreams and hopes will become real. You can take up any task, it will surely come out. For married women this dream means, above all, harmonious family relationships and the idyll in marriage. For girls, a meeting with the future partner in life.

Sometimes a woman in a dream nursed someone else’s child. This is a warning. Be prepared for the fact that you help other people they will not appreciated. They did not even deign to thank. So think, is it really worth to undertake such business and to intercede for people who do not know how to be grateful and take everything for granted.

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