What it means to sleep, if it is used to feed the infant?

To feed someone in a dream – a good omen, because the promises of good changes and the achievement of the plan. Most importantly – who is the woman helm, what was the chest. The woman in the dream, nursed husband’s feelings about it. Snake – deceit of so-called friends, envious. To give chest the kitten up to pleasant cares and troubles. To drink her milk mouse – vain, empty cases, which will be spent large force. If you let another woman breast – so, you can discover a new talent, get a different job, to implement what it is worth the effort. To see someone else give a breast to the child, rendered care, it will come from an unexpected quarter. Dirty Breasts – the symbol of the emergence of new woman who will compete and take first place.

Sleep Hodowla

Dream helm

Dream healer Akulina

If the girl in the dream was nursing, it portends her happy family relations, that her lover will have a long joint life. For married women it may indicate the imminent appearance of the children and harmony in the Union. Pregnant to sleep can tell the sex of a baby. If the breast sucks girl, we can expect the birth of a boy and Vice versa.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

If in a dream sick woman feeding her child is a sign that the disease will soon change health. Typically, such a dream speaks about the incarnation of the female pleasures soon – promises to meet a decent guy. But such symbols may indicate that a woman does not want to admit their true desires in the first place puts the needs of others or a certain area of life, when she needs a friend.

Islamic dream interpretation

In dream interpretation breastfeeding means that a woman (girl) desperately-needed, but is afraid to admit. But this desire is quite natural.

If emotions in a dream positive, the gesture, like to share something that will bring pleasure to women. If in a dream feed husband breast, it means that in reality will have to share with him something of vital assets, ideas, living space (with something). To feed a snake means to sacrifice something in the name of the person you consider a friend, and he harbored sinister plans.

Dream Interpretation Miller

A dream in which a woman feeding her baby, a psychologist explains how good sign in all endeavors. Financial situation will improve soon, the woman realized that what dream. Waiting for her strong family and healthy children.

When giving the breast to the baby young, unmarried girl, it is a good dream, he talks about the imminent joys, however fleeting. That is why you need time to take advantage of the situation and make every attempt to pull short of the situation. To give the breast to her husband – so to worry about it (psychologically for the woman, friend, sister is as caring as a mother) to worry about.

Dream Interpretation Lofa David

If a girl dreams that she is in a dream nursed the child, it can have two meanings. First – latent, subconscious when she wants a family – husband and children. On the other hand, is not always the dream reflects the desire of the arch-typical. The answer may lie on the surface, social consciousness, when you want to feel more feminine, to replace the working environment more romantic. This dream, in most cases, promises a happy family life. If a man sees that his breastfeeding, he should re-examine your life and make long-brewing adjustments. For a pregnant dreams, where she feeds the baby, easy delivery promises, so all of the subconscious fears on this score can be safely let go.

But this dream may indicate that it is not necessary to admit in the life of innocent or intended to share with others. To give the breast to your baby to the ungrateful and selfish people, kind gesture in the direction which will count as credit. Perhaps they deliberately use offer help and kindness? Do not have to wait for the cheating, but be careful dream interpretation is recommended.

This dream for nursing mothers may be perfectly reasonable interpretation – it is subconsciously prone to stressing about whether it will be enough milk. Perhaps we should pay more attention to health of mammary glands, and unpleasant dreams will not disturb the woman.