What dreams brandy

To dream of cognac: what is it?

To dream of brandy dream interpretation

To dream of brandy dream interpretation

The Jewish dream book

Drinking cognac symbolizes different things depending on when you had a vision and someone, a woman or a man. A woman who saw in dreams the brandy in a Sunday night may be the center of attention and participate in an unexpected but very pleasant event. If the vision came in the night of Tuesday – Friday in real life, the woman should relax to get rid of sadness. This dream on Saturday and Sunday will be disappointed. The weaker sex have to try all methods to keep near her loved one. If the brandy in a dream sees a man in the night of Monday, it will give him confidence. In reality, there will be forces to accomplish goals. If the drink seems in a dream Tuesday — Friday, that person unexpectedly lucky. What dreams brandy on Sunday? The man who in this day in a dream will see expensive alcohol, the reality will try to make a good impression on strangers.

Akulina Dream Interpretation

This drink, like brandy, can only dream to the person who is waiting for a rich life and a good destiny. To come true, you have to imagine that you are in a circle of close friends, on the table is a cognac and a beautiful dish. You poured alcohol into the glass of each of your guest.

Dream Interpretation Of Catherine The Great

This interpreter of dreams says sealed bottle of cognac to the dreamer foretells good luck. If you have your own business or business, don’t hesitate, you will be able to make a profit. Persons at high positions, can see brandy just in case, if in real life, his attempt to bribe.

If the sleeper feels comfortable where he is bottling of the cognac in the glasses with a small neck, he’s lucky to be in the company of unfamiliar people that seem so familiar. After a few minutes you will feel the strength and behave uninhibited. Time flies in the company of cheerful people.

If you dream you had friends that you start drinking cognac, it is likely that you have forgotten about them and it’s time in real life to contact them, so you do not tormented by conscience and doubt. In this dream expensive cognac premonition of a meeting and success.

Depending on the details of the dreams brandy may portend trouble. Therefore, it should not be interpreted literally seen. We need to see you may have missed some finer points. And if the brandy already poured in a dirty glass or was it an insect?

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