What dreams bracelet on your arm?

Important role in the interpretation of dreams about the bracelets plays the decoration material. You also need to remember who exactly gave or put you on a hand bracelet. The Vikings bracelet, a gift in reality, meant freedom and equality but in the dream it happens all the way around.

To chogo dream bracelet

What dreams bracelet

Summer dream

What dreams bracelet craze a good thing your neighbor. Someone in your family do a noble deed, which you will long admire.

Autumn dream interpretation

If in the dream the girl gave a beautiful bracelet, decorated with diamonds, it is waiting for a happy married life.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

If you saw in a dream bracelet, this is a good sign. Your life will be joy, happiness, and prosperity. But if the jewelry was on your hand, it is to sorrow. Buy the bracelet you will see someone in a relationship. Broken jewelry – you will find happiness. To lose bracelet, life will be filled with sadness.

Dream Interpretation Longo

What dreams gold bracelet – you live by the imagination, not reality. You need to get down and look at things realistically. It is advisable to do this as quickly as possible, otherwise you will not be able to make the right decision. Bracelet made of wood – you have a lot of complexes that have plagued not only you but also your loved ones, friends and relatives. You just don’t get enough attention and care from your loved ones and you are suffering because of this. Silver bracelet – you are a person with a strong imagination, but it does not prevent you to live in the real world and soberly assess what’s going on. Not all understand you, but it’s not for you, plays a significant role.

Lost in a dream adornment on the floor – get ready to make a serious choice in the near future. Be cautious and careful.

Spring dream interpretation

What dreams bracelet on the arm of a young girl for an early marriage. Loss of jewelry is a bad sign. Someone you despicable fool.

Esoteric dream book

If you dream you found the bracelet, so someone wants to get power over you. If you give someone a decoration, it suggests that you want to bend this man to himself and to command them.

A modern dream book

If you dream you presented the bracelet as a gift to someone you secretly loves and admires you. If the woman in the dream, lose the jewelry, she’s going to be some trouble. To find a bracelet to property.

Persian dream book

Had a gold bracelet on the arm of the men in his life come to a series of troubles. If the man who has an unmarried daughter had a bracelet made of silver, so in the near future one of them will marry. If a woman sees such a dream, she will become rich.

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