What a dream bra, if you saw this thing in a dream?

Intimate article of clothing that appears in the night visions, and symbolizes romance, love and flirting. What the downers say about the bra, prividevshayasya in a dream? The interpretation of such dreams to a greater extent positive than negative.

dream interpretation bra

Dream bra: what does it mean?

A modern dream book

Man a dream about what he saw the bra means to be a lady really feels sympathy for him, but not being honest with him. If the dream bra dream woman, waiting for her deception by a person from the inner circle. Trying on lingerie in a dream for the representative of a strong half of humanity means that he should refrain from rash acts. The lady, who saw herself trying on lingerie, a dream warns you about incorrectly selected way.

Women’s dream book

Little argument with colleagues, a little slow in communicating with people predicted a dream in which she found that forgot to wear underwear. To see a beautiful white lace bodice to the recognition of the taste of the dreamer other people. The phenomenon of the old, worn-in bra in the dream speaks of the gullibility of man, the inability to understand people. What is having a bra that is purchased at the store? This situation is in the dream suggests that sleeping lady grew tired of the circle, courtship of former Cavaliers and she wants new Dating.

Erotic dream book

To see in the reflection on itself the most expensive bra to a new acquaintance, positive changes in life. If the man saw him as a friend of the lady dons (removes) linen, it means the presence of her passionate feelings for the dreamer. The woman dreamed that she puts on a bra or removes it, maybe soon to expect a bright but short-term relationships. In disgust, to remove dirty, torn bra before the white stripes in life, removing obstacles. If the woman in my dream wears on such a thing, in real life she would have to correct their own mistakes in the past.

Psychological dream dictionary

What a dream bra worn on the naked body? To insecurity, loneliness. Snovidenie such a dream promises an unpleasant conversation about her person. Do not trust unverified information about his personal life, it is fraught with intrigue and gossip. To wear during sleep modest, simple bra to unreasonable expectations placed on relationships, disappointment in love. Sleeping will not be able to get passionate about. Luxurious, embroidered lace jewelry bust dream to reciprocity. Bra white or Nude, which appeared in a dream, warns of future prosperity and good luck, while the linen color black symbolizes the deception. The dreamer should not be too trusting.

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