What dreams a child or a boy

What a dream boy, according to the different horoscopes?

What a dream boy

What a dream boy

Dream Meridian

Had a girl and a boy – difficulties in everyday life. Have fun with them – money.

If a girl sees a loved one who is not around, she misses him and in the vicinity. Love object may not even know about it.

To have children to worry about anything, and baby or play with them – unjustified arrogance.

And what a dream child? It’s a reminder that we must believe in ourselves to achieve success.

Give birth to a boy, the girl – to the financial well-being.

A dream where invites a girl on a date boy friend, usually comes true.

Baby – purity, hope. When sleep sees a woman, then soon it will be her wish. To see a dead baby – or for the unexpected defeat.

Dream interpretation psychic Hasse

According to dream interpretation, prividevshayasya boy to the inheritance. Students – fortunately. If they fight, then similar people will be involved in a dubious enterprise. Fabulous Boy-with-finger – remorse, uncertainty, sacrifice, powerlessness.

Oriental dream book

The girl who saw myself as a boy, worried that she is married. If you saw the baby, there are troublesome cases, useless and uninteresting work.

Summer dream

To see an attractive guy to meet.

Dream interpretation birthdays September, October, November, December

To be in a position to see the boy up to the birth of a baby male.

Gypsy dream book

The boy in the dream – well-being in career and personal matters.

The teenager – heavy, but profitable business.

Dream interpretation for the whole family

Dreams about boys in General are favourable and promise of getting what you want. We have a quiet family life. Play with it to find the purpose of existence, to become successful.

Small dream book of Veles

Prividevshayasya boy income happiness.

Mythological dream book

Boy-with-finger – remorse, sadness.

Dream interpretation health

To be a boy nervous exhaustion and the inability to find his place in life.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

What the girl dream boy? It expects funds added, new things. Fight boys engaging in questionable activity. The disciples – men are waiting for success and the possible benefits. A Mature man sees himself as a baby, is not credible influential people.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

To see a friend or another boy to see himself as a child to realize himself as a personality, your personality, strive to develop. Naughty, lively boy – the development of the soul.

Dream healer Fedorov

According to dream interpretation, dream boy money income.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Dream on boy vanity. If it saw the man, then, perhaps, we have the residual immaturity, weakness, lack of self-confidence. The woman is a dream foretells anxiety for the son.

Dream interpretation birthday may, June, July, August

If a girl saw a handsome guy, that she will be meeting with a man.

A modern dream book

What dreams little boy? We should expect surprises. The woman about to give birth a dream foretells the imminent birth. To see a crying boy to take care of relatives.

The boy who is in the dream, native son, love frustration, hostility to persons of the opposite sex. Playing with it – good luck, self-improvement, a stable income, the creative impulse.

Jewish dream interpretation Azar

Boy future purchases, positive emotions.

Dream book 2012

To see the boy – immaturity when a grown man inside is a child.

Dream interpretation birthdays of January, February, March, April

The baby is wrapped in a wrapping cloth – to prosperity.

Dream interpretation of the Pechora healer

To dream of a boy to earn income.

Dream interpretation of the Apostle Simon the zealot

For women fun, new purchase, income. To see how the guys fighting the Scam, which involved friends, learning and happiness.

Autumn dream interpretation

When pregnant dream boy, she is considered to have a boy.

Dream Interpretation Grishina

Enter in the dream the boy is usually a dream to the surprise income.

Dream Interpretation Denise Lynn

The boy, seen in a dream, it means that the person inside was still a child.

Dream bitches

The boy – man waiting for a happy fuss with a hint of sadness.

The newest dream book

According to him, the boy dreams to new news.

Medieval dream book

To see the boy – to the joyous event.

The dream dictionary from A to z

Cute little fellow – well-being, happiness, fortune; a sick baby to health. To dream of a crying boy – problems with finances. Children playing – people hide from others his vile essence, but never gets the benefits. To give birth in the dream the boy – prosperity; who gave birth to desire the property of others relative.

Spring dream interpretation

Wrapped in a wrapping cloth baby welfare. To see a dead child – to the great sorrow. In a dream the boy gets hit by a car to be afraid of something, worry about relatives. To punish, to beat a boy – the need to hold back when you want to act rashly. What a dream that his child hurts someone else’s boy? Man waiting for trouble, machinations of enemies pretending to be friends.

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