To dream of a box

Box in a dream is a symbol of the inner, isolated from the outside world and does not depend on it. Such night dreams can portend the birth plan, ideas, changes or surprises: it all depends on the details of the dream and its overall atmosphere. Try to learn how to interpret the image of a container of various dreams.

The box was in a dream

The box was in a dream

Dream Interpretation By Meneghetti

The image box appeared in the dream, it means nothing. Capacity should be seen as a place that contains meaningful content. It separates the essential from what is going on outside. From the point of view of psychology this means that a person has already come to certain conclusions and solutions. He matured the idea, plan of action, according to which it will regulate their conduct.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To contemplate in the vision box is to sudden news that will bring you to native people.

The Interpreter Of The Winter

A symbol of future changes or purchases that will significantly affect your financial condition.

If the vision for you it was obvious that the box is made of plastic or cardboard, it may portend unreasonable expectations that will delight you.

Wooden box, which look nice, foretells that you will make a useful purchase. If the container is wrinkled or dirty, then you have problems, the cause of which will be your carelessness or negligence.

If you don’t know what is in the tank, be ready for surprises in real life. How they would be pleasant or not, depends on the total content of the dream.

To dream box. If you saw an empty box – your hopes will not come true.

A modern dream book

A box of chocolates in a dream – for the upcoming acquaintance with a nice man who will grow into a whirlwind romance.

If you collect things and have them laid out on the containers to change. If you dream you barely pull heavy capacity, in the future you are waiting for health problems.

If in night dreams I give you the gift in a beautiful box, do not hurry to rejoice: you will need considerable efforts to realize the intended probability of failure and delays is growing.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

To dream of a lot of boxes – it means to deal with the need to take out all unnecessary stuff. You have accumulated a lot of things that negatively affect your energy. Maybe you should get rid of bad thoughts about past defeats. Move forward and you will succeed. If some people do not support you in your endeavours, it’s time to say goodbye.

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