What a dream box dream

If the sleeper dream of a dream box, in his life too many secrets that haunt. It is also possible to interpret the vision as the inability to get rid of our fears, thoughts, ideas which torment the dreamer.

dream box

To dream box

Women’s dream book

Which means sleep can be determined by what was box and what was in it. If you open the box and see in it many beautiful things, therefore, in the near future, you expect happiness, wealth, a wonderful vacation or travel to a distant country. The drawer filled with coins – a symbol of the completion of a complex project, you will now be able to go on vacation. To open an empty box – to be disappointed.

Erotic dream book

To dream of box for men may mean appearance in his life women Hillbillies. If such a dream sees a woman that says that she’s scared of getting old, losing attraction.

Psychoanalytic dream interpretation

If you had a box – beware of diseases, evil people, and dangerous situations. Psychoanalytic dream interpretation treats the vision as a form of prediction of death, the box for this dream associated with a coffin.

Dream interpretation of psychologist G. Miller

Filled to the welfare, profit; empty – you will avoid the opponents; with money – inheritance.

Esoteric dream book

To dream of box – problem solving, the completion of cases. The interpretation may depend on what was the subject in the vision of a sleeping person.

Wooden – up to strife, envy, loss of friends, bad trades;

Metal – you’ll change work, will be in the new environment;

Cardboard – changes will not bring joy.

Glass – your business envious.

French dream book

If you sleep in a dream trying to open the box, and it does not lend itself, or the box is closed with a big chain, it means that the dreamer will encounter difficulties in completing their field. Perhaps this will contribute to the surrounding. Less tell them about your plans. Wooden box portends bad news, problems at work, quarrels.

Spring dream interpretation

To see, to wonder, to make a profit.

Empty, failed transactions, financial losses.

Breaking – you’ll ruin your business.

Dream Meridian

If you see a mailbox in a dream, so soon know the news. If the mailbox burns and it burn the letters, to be bitter, disappointing, bring tears. The box brought some of your friends – will help you to finish the deal. In the box there is nothing – empty troubles, you try in vain, our plans are not fulfilled.

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