Dream interpretation: dreamt the bottom of the sea

Sea or river bottom symbolizes mystery, depth of knowledge, extreme poverty and moral degradation, danger. However, the interpretation should take into account all the nuances.

What dreams seabed dream interpretation

What dreams seabed dream interpretation

Esoteric dream book

This dream bottom, you dream, interprets in the following way: if the bottom of the barrel or bucket, your position will deteriorate.

The bottom of the lake means the deterioration of the overall situation in the city.

Had a dream in a dream the river bottom – will have to face a deficit.

Summer dream

You dream that you see the bottom of some dishes? This dream makes it clear that you are on the bottom. You have to work thoroughly to get.

Autumn dream interpretation

In the dream, you saw the bottom of any vessel? Waiting for events that will profoundly disappoint you.

Psychological dream dictionary

In the dream to pour a glass of water, and the glass is upside down? This means that you have done some mistake in you repent.

In the dream, I had to stand at the edge of the abyss? Realizing that she was bottomless, to throw a stone at her to determine the depth. The dream means that you are going to engage in dubious business, but not sure that risk knowingly.

A modern dream book

Will be unexpected good buy if dropping in a dream some object on the bottom of any pond.

If you over-devote the others in their love Affairs, you will dream that you’re looking at the bottom of the glass. The dream hints that such amorous adventures do not need to be proud of.

Clean the bottom of pans or pots – beware. Around you is full of hypocrisy, envy you. In order to neutralize enemies, they need time to recognize. That is interpreted a dream.

He dived deep to the bottom? Gives you the opportunity to understand what will soon take in urgent matters and care «head».

Dream interpretation-2012

The bottom is a kind of reflection boundaries. You should carefully consider all their deeds and actions.

Spring dream interpretation

To dream of the bottom – so have a divorce, perhaps the loss of a friend. The house is empty.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

In my dream you were floating at a great depth? Prepare yourself for what is waiting for trouble, a lot of fuss.

Saw in a dream the bottom of the sea? This divination is very strong feelings of passion. You should find the strength to get them under control. Otherwise there will be trouble for you and your partner.

It is important to understand that if you suddenly had the bottom, so will have some new stage in life, he is on the way. You need to realize this and to prepare thoroughly.

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