What dreams bottle dream interpretation

The bottle, seen in a dream usually represents the emotional experience of the person. In order to understand which events in life foreshadows this character, you first need to remember all the details of the dream, and then to see the interpretation of various dreams.

dream interpretation plyashka

What does it mean to see the bottle in my sleep

Dream Interpretation Filomena

According to dream interpretation, the bottle symbolizes a state of depression, anxious thoughts and spiritual experiences. However, much depends on exactly how it looks. If you had a clean glass container, you will be happy in family life, a plastic bottle, on the contrary, means empty and alone. A beautiful vessel represents the gentle attitude to or portends a meeting with the man of your dreams.

According to the interpretation of dreams wine bottle, prividevshayasya in the dream reflects your psychological state. Clogged capacity suggests that your feelings you keep to yourself and not share them even with close relatives. Open the bottle symbolizes you as an open and emotional person. If you dream that you broke it, all of your worries will soon break out, and you will make an unexpected move that will surprise others.

Women’s dream book

Had an empty capacity suggests that you have to spend a lot of energy on the decision of unexpectedly arisen problem. To dream of a bottle filled to the brim with water – for the successful implementation of all plans.

Dream Interpretation Tatlisi

If the bottle had a girl, her soon to be disappointed, and men, this dream promises a meeting with interesting woman. Broken containers may portend the death of his wife and an empty marriage with a poor girl. If a man dreams of a clean and transparent container, it will meet with a decent and attractive girl.

Spring dream interpretation

If the bottle is broken in a dream, in reality, one should expect serious problems. Empty containers symbolizes the confusion and misunderstandings, and the complete – promises to a fun pastime.

The newest dream book

The bottle of vodka is a bad sign heralds headache, mental disorder or induced damage to you. To see the merchant that sells the alcoholic drink to the acquaintance with unreliable person.

Dream of the future

If you dream of a vodka bottle but not drinking from it, in real life, you expect spiritual experiences. Drinking alcoholic drink – to the ruin or committing a wrong action, because of which then you will hurt the feeling of guilt.

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