What a dream in which you see the boots?

Boots in different dreams can mean a lot. It all depends on the details of the dream. From good to bad events, but mostly such dreams portend a road or trip.

Boots in dream

What does it mean to dream boots

Russian folk dream interpretation

If a person sees in a dream a beautiful and expensive boots is of high quality, so he will even lose your breath, it speaks to his excessive extravagance. Also, this dream can mean that his dream is not feasible in real life. Most likely, such a person has too wild imagination and is constantly in her dreams is building castles in the air, but in real life his imagination does not intersect.

Dream Interpretation Freud

To wear the boots in a dream – a pleasant country trip with a loved one. This time together will bring you even more because you recognize him from the other side. If you had rubber boots you have to be careful and vigilant. It is not necessary to make new friends, otherwise you and your other half will be a cold jealousy.

Esoteric dream book

New boots in the dream suggests that at the moment is to buy the really important things. All purchases made now will be successful. If shoes are old and worn, covered with mud, do not rush to buy anything. Even if you are hard to persuade to buy, be firm and don’t settle for such proposals. If the boots were clean, shopping to do, but only with the mind. You can cheat or deceive, so be careful.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

Suede boots in a dream indicate gentle souls sleep. This man has a very docile nature, which is not always good. As an option – in life come new events. The color of the shoes too plays a big role. Green boots – to prosperity and success, blue – to the delight and laughter, yellow – to the beginning of active actions.

If you removed the boots, get ready for hardship. But in the future, it’ll all be lost now will be back later. Wash shoes on a working trip. If you dream you repaired the boots and sealed them, ready for a small but annoying trouble. They hurt you, but you will quickly handle it.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

These shoes often dream to an important road that will bring life in a different direction. New boots – wait for the gift the old – get ready for poverty. If the shoes in the dream are torn, you will have trouble. If the person is wearing boots, then his life takes a drastic change. The person who lost the boots in the dream, should be careful. It’s possible that his love will change him.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

Boots with high tops to dream of a long red tape in the decision of any case. Often such a dream tells the man that he is too proud, arrogant and overbearing. May need little to restrain their arrogance and not to be proud.

Ukrainian dream book

New boots – you hear the news, old to shame and shame. Torn shoes is a sign of trouble and evil. Often boots mean road.

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