To dream of an arrow

sleep arrow

Sleep arrow — what dream?

Man saw in a dream the bow and arrow, clearly sees the goal and knows how to achieve it. And he is sure to succeed. Bad if you dream that an arrow flies in your direction. It is a warning that the brewing conflict, participation in which will not be avoided.

Dream Interpretation Filomena

The arrow symbolizes the future changes for the better. If you fired the arrow hit the target, then soon you will reach that to which long sought. The wound caused by being hit by you boom, promises quarrels and conflicts.

To break the boom – so soon to feel disappointment or sorrow. Find arrows to succumb to the persistent courtship by the man who you do not like.

Family dream book

To take in hand the arrows to experience the pleasure of an exciting journey. Soon trouble will bypass you party. Arrows in your hands is the harbinger of holidays and entertainment.

Broken arrows in the dream promises frustration in your personal life and at work. If you personally broke the arrow, then don’t look for the cause of the trouble. They – result of your thoughtless actions and words.

Archery – set yourself a goal to work towards. To get to the target to achieve the plan in the near future. If you are flying arrows, so you’ll get unjustified attacks by friends or colleagues. Wounded in my sleep arrow and see the blood – to receive undeserved resentment from the native person.

Old arrows with rusty lugs indicate that you too procrastinate on making important decisions, on which depends the implementation of your plans.

Women’s dream book

If in the dream the arrow is in the hands of men, then your commitment will be to achieve new fan.

A dream in which you see the arrow, means that you have the object of matrimonial plans, for which you will make the maximum effort.

Broken arrows is a disappointment in a relationship with a partner. Maybe you need a break from each other. To hide from the flying arrows to be backbiting.

Find dream arrow – a warning about the emergence of a new suitor, courtship which you will be in trouble.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To dream of an arrow – unexpected betrayal from a loved one. To shoot a bow or crossbow to success in all endeavors.

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