The book in my sleep

See the book in dreams – what is it?

What dream book dream book

What dream book dream book

Idiomatic dream book

Reading a book in a dream speaks of the dedication of the sleeping man, his desire for knowledge of something new. It also speaks of the attempts to deal with reality of human nature, that is a unfamiliar person.

Autumn dream interpretation

For those involved in education, it is a good dream. Read the book – to Excel in studies.

Children’s dream book

A few books or a whole library says that soon, in fact you have to communicate with a large number of citizens. It is likely you have to visit a mass event. The book itself reveals the secret of the future. You then have to find the answer to any question that interests you.

Spring dream interpretation

The book in a dream symbolizes a meaningful conversation with a pleasant and interesting person.

Summer dream

If the dreamer has difficulties in sleep reading obscure scientific work and he never perceives what he wants to convey the author, in real life this person will have a lot of work to finish training and to learn the science.

Small dream book of Veles

It is easy to understand what the dream book, because it is always to come up with new ideas. Reread the book in a dream – to joy, profit or unexpected receipt of good news. To write a book for the dreamer is not quite right. It promises him a waste of time in real life. Buying a book, you should expect to receive the best deals. To see a literary work, which occupied the fire, the loss of friends. If you dream you saw the accounting books, then you need to be careful in reality you are trying to outwit, deceive.

Dream Interpretation Of Medea

The book is not only a source of knowledge, but also a symbol of information over the past years and for future generations. A dream in which book is the Bible says about the heightened spirituality of the person. In real life, you will become a very respected man. To see in their dreams a closed book can a man who has yet a lot to learn, but an open book speaks to your experience, which is in demand by other people. If you had a library, in reality, it is only by overcoming obstacles, you will achieve the desired status in society. The one who in dreams in the books makes certain notes can be prepared the reality of a new acquaintance.

Dream Interpretation Tsvetkova E.

Depending on what the dreamer is doing with the book, we can assume the events to him in the future. Just seen the book symbolizes a new acquaintance, but reading the book will bring into reality unexpected news for sleeping. In this dream a lot books is treated as a many of the troublesome cases.

Dream Interpretation Zhou-Gong

If a person is in the dream of the table, on which lies a book, it is promotion, success in the labour market. When you get in the dream to observe the process of reading another person, according to the dream, it portends the birth of a noble offspring.

Ukrainian dream book

Reading this dream book is the reward for sleeping. The person who buys a book in a dream, can count on useful contacts. Reading a book from the library shelf tells about an unexpected meeting in reality. Burning literary work – the loss of a friend to the dreamer.

Dream Interpretation Vanga

Because books are always accumulated wisdom and knowledge, to dream of them in large numbers is interpreted as complexity in the choice of path in life. If it seems that you have managed in my sleep to read a title caption or a few pages in a foreign language, then it is likely it can be characterized as the ability to improve, learn new, previously hidden abilities. If the book was battered, and her letter is torn, your decisions in real life are very hasty. It is worth considering and don’t rush. A dream in which magic book was in your hands, speaks of sin.

English dream interpretation

Any dream where you were able to view the book can be considered good and useful for interpretation. If the bookshelves gave up the dream of a married lady, then she should expect the birth of a son. For a girl this dream foretells a good marriage and a scholar.

Oriental dream book

The book, received as a gift in a dream, speaks of the wisdom of a sleeping person. Perhaps he did not know about their talents.

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