Dream interpretation: to dream bones

If you have bones, it means that your subconscious tries to solve problems that plagued you during the day. What dream of to see the bone? Read the various interpretations.

What have bones, dream interpretation

What have bones, dream interpretation

Russian folk dream interpretation

In this dream, the bone is a symbol of problems and worries. Choke on it in your sleep, you need to be careful not to make a big mistake, gnaw bone, feeling some kind of problem. Stretching her animal – soon you need friendly support. To dream of jewelry made from bones, is soon victorious over their enemies.

Ukrainian dream book

To dream of a skeleton, for this dream. so for women quick meeting with a life partner, but for men it is problems at work, scheming colleagues. A dream in which appears a pile of bones, promises heavy workload at work. To pick up the scattered bones – money.

Dream Interpretation Wanderer

To dream of bones – a good sign which promises a quarrel, in need. Chew bone – large will lose money. To see a lot of bone before the accident. Had a skeleton – you need to pay attention to the condition of your back, also, this dream foretells acquaintance with a person related to medicine.

To dream of a dead man’s bones – you are in danger. Human skull dream to implement creative ideas.

The dream of modernity

Bones seen in the dream are interpreted as follows: must prepare for a long journey that will be difficult, but will bring pleasure.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

With sleep the bones foretell that you will have to make an effort to deal with detractors. To wear jewelry made of bones – a good sign, to unexpected fun, to throw bones to anyone – the desire for a carefree life.

Seen a heap of bones promises pangs of conscience over committed evil deeds. Had a dream that you are chewing a bone, to the deterioration of the financial situation, poverty.

To see in dreams a human bone to the news of the death of a distant relative. Animal bones indicate that you fear that your secrets will be revealed.

See the fish bones in the dream – you try to involve in a dangerous adventure.

If having your own dice – you’ll be exposed to deception or even betrayal by the closest people. To dream of dice, which eat meat, your cash position stabiliziruemost, have a career, but maybe for the sake of new work will have to be paid to the family less time.

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